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Krazykhat's CD List

Welcome to Krazykhat's CDR Trading. Here you will find my list and links for other trading sites. If you are interested in any of the shows I have, please direct me to your list so I can see if theres anything I like. I will burn using DAO unless otherwise requested.

My only rule is that you use decent quality CDS. I will use Maxell, Memorex, or TDK and I ask you use the same or better. Just not one of those 100 cd's for $20 pieces of shit.

Check out the shockwave games below in Krazykhat's Arcade. Also check out some other links below: setlists, music and more. I'll be adding guitar tab links shortly. Hell, everything you need is here. There's no reason to leave your house anymore! :) If you have any questions please email me at

A+ = No hiss and a very high quality recording
A = No hiss and a high quality recording
A- = A little bit of hiss but still a great recoring
B+ = Some hiss but still very listenable
B = Hissy recording but sounds "ok" if you turn dolby on or totally turn the treble down
B- = Worth getting only if you really want the show

Click below to view my list or you the search engine to find a specific show.

The List

If entering in a date below, follow this example: 9-9-99
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Krazykhat's Arcade

Setlists and Trading Links

The Deadlist
The Helping Phriendly Book
Dave Mathews Band
Allman Brothers Base
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
Jimi Hendrix
Charlie Hunter
Jefferson Airplane
Jorma Kaukonen
Neil Young - Everything else
Guide to Tape Trading