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Here are some transcripts of interviews I've done over the years with various people in music. Admittedly, Q&A is a lazy format that's boring to read, but it offers both the subject and the interviewer in the raw. You can watch me ask dumb questions as I get to know these musicians a half hour at a time.

William Bolcom

The composer talks about his opera "A View from the Bridge" and other projects -- with lots of detours into obscure corners of music history.

Shura Cherkassky

An impromptu chat about nothing in particular with a pianist who was known as a master of spontaneity

Richard Danielpour

On his arrival as a "name" composer, music in the icy ether and not having to be a revolutionary if he doesn't want to

John DeMain

A conductor leaves his plum gig with the Houston Grand Opera after 18 years in order to do symphonic repertoire in Wisconsin but ultimately decides he can't live without opera.

Gerard Grisey

An abstract discussion with one of the founders of the French "spectralism" movement in contemporary music, conducted a couple of years before his premature death.

Kennedy (aka Nigel Kennedy, The Nige, The Punk, The Bad Boy, The Fiddler on the Loose)

An unexpurgated Q&A with the British violinist the like of which you won't see in the New York Times, L.A. Times, etc.

Mari Kimura

The story of subharmonics or how a Juilliard violinist, while noodling around one winter's day, discovered a whole register of notes below the G string

Sir Peter Maxwell Davies

The hermit of Orkney talks about Maxwell Davian things like magic squares, the Fires of London and life on Hoy

Lord Yehudi Menuhin

Violinist, conductor, teacher, honorary peer of the realm, patrician man of the people, Zen-like man of the world

Mikel Rouse

Downtown composer whose music sounds more like hip hop than bang on a can classical tradition

Augusta Read Thomas

The Chicago Symphony's resident composer on why music is her whole life and why the phrase "female composer" is fightin' words

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