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Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Concert Hall Acoustics (but you couldn't afford the consulting fee)

The science, engineering and art of concert hall acoustics in a nutshell

A Perspective on the DavidsbŁndler

A brief history of the "League of David" (and how I became David BŁndler)

The Composer's Guide to Knocking on Doors

A practical reference for composers who want to submit their manuscripts over the transom to American orchestras

A Glossary for Music Critics

A handy guide to the critical argot -- or how to sound like a pompous ass without really trying

Italian Baroque

The birth of Italian opera under the House of Bardi

Mexican Baroque

About the musical legacy of Mexico and South America under the Spanish yoke

Johannes Ockeghem

A brief advance story on a Mostly Ockeghem concert by Anonymous 4 and Lionheart

Handel's "Samson"

What "Messiah?" Why Delilah's boyfriend is overdue for his own resurrection

Shostakovich Festival

A report on the 1996 Shostakovich Festival at California State University, Long Beach, including a lecture on Shostakovich and his ventriloquists

Women Composers

A rant on Southern California concert presenters who offer their patrons too few chances to hear music written by women

My Stuff

A list of my own musical compositions, transcriptions and translations

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