Dexter Freebish Concert

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May 17 2001 - Ok, this is probably gonna be a looong story but here it goes. When I found out that Dexter Freebish was coming to my town...I freaked!!! I wasnt really a BIG fan of the band but I honestly did like there songs! I bought a few tickets and got my friend Shelly to go with me. We was so excited for a whole week! I also won a few more tickets off the radio so my other friends could go, but they couldnt. So I was stuck with 2 extra tickets. When we got there...We snuck to the front of the line and waited till the door opened. I kept telling Shelly that we gotta push and do everything we can to get front row! There was only about 100 people there through out the whole show!! So as soon as those doors opened...we took off like crazy! And we got front row!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) So, we were sitting there waiting for them to come out and there was music playing and everything. We kept taking pictures of each other. I took 3 cameras and she took 1. About a 1/2 hour to an hour later...the music got quiet and 2 of our local radio dj's came out on stage! They introduced the band and said that when they come out, that we can get out of our seats and run to the front! So the lights went out, and I kept telling Shelly to RUN as soon as we seen one of the band members! We waited for about a minute and then WE FINALLY SAW THEM!!!!!!! We took off so freakin fast and got to the very front and we were right there practically onstage! They came out and everybody was screaming like crazy! I kept taking pics and they were, like, RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! Shelly ran out of film, so I gave her one of mine. Its all good. Throughout the concert, I touched Kyle, Charley, and Scott's legs and hands!!! Then Charley took my camera from me while he was onstage and took a picture of the crowd!!!!! It was awesome!!!!! I got the most pictures of Charley that night cause he was in front of me...the other guys kept running away!! Anyways, the best song they sang was "Leaving Town" because it was so funny! Kyle made the drummer, Rob, sing part of the song! It was awesome!! The song sheet was laying right in front of us, so we knew what songs were gonna be played. I was gonna take the sheet at the end of the last song, but some girl took it:( But then at the end is when the good stuff happend!!!! When the lights came back on, and the band was walking off stage, we took off to the back doors cause they said they was going to do an AUTOGRAPH SIGNING!!! So you can only imagine how fast we left! I saw a Dexter Freebish t-shirt laying down on one of the seats, and I was afraid to get it, so I asked Shelly to get it for me and she did. But she kept it!!!!! (Shelly, if your reading this, U SUCK!! grrr....) Umm, anywayz, we left and waited for the signing and all of the sudden I saw Rob, the drummer walk right past me!!!!!! I freaked out like crazy!! I couldnt even tell Shelly! But I took off after him and I needed something for them to autograph for me, so I decided to use my ticket stub! Shelly got her dayam shirt signed. (It should have been MY shirt, but NOOOOO!) I kept snapping pictures of them and touching them and stuff! woohoo! When we got our stuff signed, we went outside for a second. Then I ran in and bought me a CD!! I got Shelly and we went back in! I was wanting the CD cover signed too!!! Since Shelly didnt have anything else for them to sign, I gave her one of my extra tickets for them to sign. We went up there and got them signed!:) Then, the REALLY good stuff happened!!!! WE GOT OUR PICTURES TAKEN WITH THE BAND!!!!! In the first pic, Charley stood in front of me and almost blocked me. haha! But I didnt care! Then after that, I got my pic taken with them but without Shelly and she got her pic taken with them but without me. I used up all of my film!!!! We followed them out of there a little and Charley asked me if I had any film left and I didnt:( But Shelly did, and so Charley took her camera and went to every band member and got there picture!!! It was awesome!!!!! Then they finally left the building:( I was sad, but we talked about them all the way home!!! I will never forget that night!!!