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Here is what some rockers do to psych themselves up...

BARENAKED LADIES: they blast classic rock by AC/DC or Van Halen backstage to pump them up to get wild and crazy onstage.

O-TOWN: they get spiritual. they form a circle, say a little prayer, and right before they run out to perform, they give each other a hearty "Love you, Bro" all around.

DMX: he calms himself down before and after each show by steering a remote-control car down the backstage halls.

MATCHBOX TWENTY: they sing the first verse and the first chorus of "Always and Forever" by Heawave with their pants down-before they go out and bring the house down! If they dont do it, they are afraid they are going to have a bad show.


P.O.D: they take a tattoo artist and a body piercer on the road in case the mood should happen to strike.

MACY GRAY: she brings a chimpanzee on the road to out with her.

NO DOUBT: they each have their own trainers to keep in shape. Each band member has his or her own personalized fitness regimen.

SHANIA TWAIN: she takes her own sniffer dog to check for bombs at every vevue.


R.E.M.: they have a special hospitality room where guests get fresh fruit-but no grapes-and a copy of USA Today.

SOUL DECISION: member Ken Lewko heads for the bus to play video games-Ms. Pac Man is his favorite.

OZZFEST: on the 2000 tour, a tech guy won an $800 bet-for eating Ozzy Osbourne's Dog's poop.

PANTERA: they drop a few thousand dollars after each concert by putting on a fireworks show for the crew members and other bands they are touring with.


98 demands a doctor to be around 24 hours a day

EVAN AND JARON ask for purell after shaking peoples hands

LIMP BIZKIT neads a 'working toilet'

CHRISTINA AGUILERA reqests a catering crew recycle and never use plastic or Styrofoam.

BACKSTREET BOYS ask for 24 peanut butter sandwiches

Sometimes musicians demand some pretty outrageous things in their contracts:
  • CHRISTINA AGUILERA: What she wants is Flintstone vitamins on her catering cart.
  • KID ROCK: he demands a new bag of Hanes Boxers at every tour stop-he obsolutely refuses to wear the same pair twice.
  • DIANA ROSS: her contract actually specifies that she must walk on carpet at all times.
  • JAKOB DYLAN OF THE WALLFLOWERS: Every venue's vrew is forbidden from making any references to Jakob as 'Bob Dylan's son' at any show.
  • BJORK: she requires comic books and lollipops at every show.
  • PRINCE: demands that no one look him in the eye or wear sunglasses in his presence
  • LIMP BIZKIT: they keep the show rollin' with one pair of silk panties, size 5-6.
  • AEROSMITH: demands 2 packs of bubble yum per show.
  • DESTINYS CHILD: require chips and dip, but only on fine china-styrofoam and plastic are unacceptable.

Here is the food and drink you might find on the catering table backstage...

  • 98 DEGREES: insist on a very special dish every single night: Sunday, steak; Monday, fresh fish; Tuesday, fried chicken; Wednesday, lasagna; Thursday, prime rib; Friday, lamb chops; and Saturday, lobster.
  • ROD STEWART: often asks for haggis, the Scottish national dish made with sheep heart, liver, and lungs.
  • MARIAH CAREY: loves a little bubbley, but dont want to smear her lipstick. So she asks for sipping straws be on hand.
  • FAITH HILL: needs M&M's and a 'good' bottle of red wine.
  • BUSH AND BECK: they request way too much food, but its nice to hear that they donate their leftovers to charities like 'Rap and Roll' and 'Rock and Wrap It Up!'


  • SUGAR RAY: They hang pictures of Ol' Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra!
  • BRITNEY SPEARS: requests that her telephone number be used for outgoing calls only. If it rings, the show's promoter is fined $5,000!
  • ROBBIE WILLIAMS: decorates with kumquats, a bonsai tree, a pair of undies, and a framed photo of Bob Holness, host of the English quiz show Blockbusters
  • MARILYN MANSON: has a box filled with kitty litter. Why? Just in case the bathrooms are out of order....Im totally serious.