Sketchbook of Musical Instrument Plans, Ideas, and Inspirations
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Rudy's Musical Instrument Construction Sketchbook

Arnold Lester's Mountain Ramblers

The goal of this site is to provide inspiration to anyone desiring to construct musical instruments; and possibly pass along a few tips on tools and technique. I have played music continually from the age of 10, inspired initially by my dad. He is visible at the 1 o'clock position in the photo taken in a California Civilian Conservation Corps camp. My hobbyist interest in woodworking served as an ideal solution to a desire to progress to a better instrument as my playing skills evolved.
Two realities helped forge my decision to build my first instrument. (A) I couldn't afford the store-bought object of my desires, and (B) They were, after all, constructed by mere mortals such as myself.
These facts have inspired me to create several instruments, some of which are shown on the gallery page, and also to create tools and develop techniques to make the process easier.
Plans for several instruments and detailed shop notes can be found on the Plans page. A link to a composite view of each plan is available on the plans page. Clicking on the individual thumbnails of a composite view will display the associated 7" X 10" section of the plan. They may be saved and scaled/printed as necessary to assemble a full-size plan when the section's corner reference marks are mated to each adjoining section.

At this site:
Go to Gallery page to view a few of the instruments I have constructed.
Go to Plan page for assorted instrument plans and construction notes.
Go to Fostex MR8-HD page for a review and comments on my garage mini-studio.

Visit my other website for everything you could possibly want to know about lap steel guitar construction.