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Trust Your Heart

Trust your heart.
Love caught you offguard,
and I eased into your heart.
Objections overruled
by sweet sensations.
Now your mind is all confused.

Feelin' growin' strong,
but you're afraid
they'll lead you wrong.
The need to take a chance
keeps runnin' through ya,
but you are scared
that you might lose.

Trust your heart,
trust your heart baby.
Let those good vibrations
lead your way.
Trust your heart,
can't you feel
that love is here to stay.

There's no place to hide
Let me feel the need inside
Why try to play it cool
like I don't move ya
Girl you know, I know,
you're not that strong.

You got to stay
with me tonight.
Give me a chance
to love ya right.

Just let my willing soul
Try to convince ya
that you will find
a place where you belong.


Trust your heart
Let those good
vibrations lead your way
Trust your heart
trust your heart ba~~by
Can't you feel that
love is here to stay
Trust your heart
Trust your heart

Repeat Chorus

Frank Wilson, Leonard Caston, Terri McFaddin

From the 1974 album Boogie Down