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"can I"

Can I, have a talk with you? (humph yeah)
Can I, make a dream come true?
And can, whoa can I,
be in love with you?
(Here's why I need to know.)
Cause I would if I could.
(Let your mind relax,lay your head on my heart.)

Can I, set your soul on fire?
Oh baby,And Can I,
Can I, Can I, Can I,
Be your one desire?
Oooooh, Can I, Can I
Be in love with you?
I would, if I could.
(whoa ho ho ho)

Maybe you are lonely
and just haven't realized,
that I'm lonely too,
and will bring happiness to you.
Yes, I would.

Can I, Can I, Can I, Can I,
Can I, Can I,Can I, Can I, Can I
See me, feel me, touch me
(oooh hoo hoo Baby)
Yeah...Yeah,Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
See me, feel me, touch me
(oooh hooo hooo, Baby)
Yeah, girl it's you that
sends my whole world a spinnin'
You (?????)I'm steadily givin".

Yeah, yeah
Oh baby, Can I
(oooh hoo, Oh baby
Baby yeah, uum humm
oooh hoo hoo,
oooh hoo hooo
ooh Baby, Oh yeah, humph
oooh hooo hooo, hooo,
hooo,oooh, oooh, ooh, hooo
oooh yeah, yeah, oooh, hoo,hoo

(Baby lay your head on my heart,
Just let me talk to ya.)
yeah huumm
ummph(For once in my life,
tomorrow came today
So don't...please,
don't...let it slip
...slip away.)aaah...

Hal Davis - Herman Griffith

From the 1971 album All By Myself, this was Eddie's first solo album. The song "Can I" was done by Motown's Brenda Holloway in the sixties. Eddie's producer, Frank Wilson, thought the song would be perfect for Eddie. Wilson added the uptempo section and Eddie added the spoken segments almost right on the spot.

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