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Baby, come closer to me...
cause I(aay aay)I've got what you nee~~d,
to take away your sadness,
a~~and, fill your heart with gladness
Hey baby, don't be afraid,
take my hand,
I'm yours today.

Hey~ ey~ey~ey, Baby,
just let yourself go
cause I know, how it feels when
you need a little help baby,
and it seems like you're all alone
by yourself, baby.

ooooh, you don't have to worry,
I'm your man,
and I'm here to stay.

hey,hey,hey,hey Tell me,
all that's in your heart
and you don't have to hide it.

Cause I just wanna love you baby
oooow, for the good, and the bad
I'll shower you with so much affection,
give your life a brand new direction.

oooh, oooh, oooh, baby,
there will be no more cryin'
cause I'm gonna keep ya smilin'
I can see you've been neglected,
when you should have been protected.

Hey baby, come on a little closer to me
aay, aay I've got everything that you'll ever need.

I know how it feels to need help baby.
I know how it feels to be all alone by yourself, baby

ooow, come on a little closer to me, hummm

Leanord Caston - Terri McFaddin

From the 1977 album Slick

I have to add that this is the sweetest, most tender and fragile of all love songs. It is my personal favorite of all Eddie's songs.

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