Hello Everyone!
Obviously you BSB fans know about AJ by now and as soon as I heard what happened, like you, I got very upset.
However I am very proud of AJ for being so brave and dealing with his problem in such a mature way. We will all hope and pray for him and I know thirty days from now, he will be a much happier, stronger, AJ. I hope broadcasting his problem really inspires many people out there. I think it will. It doesnít necessarily have to be about alcohol or depression.
Just looking at someone like AJ who has been through so much and seeing him mature and become a better person, to see him come out on top at the end, inspires me. It shows that you donít have to deal with your problems alone and you CAN go out there and get help from people and not be ashamed of it! There is no shame in becoming a better human being and doing whatever it takes for you to become that better human being.
I just want to say that AJ, we love you, we wish you the best, and I really gained much more respect for you than all that I already had. You are an inspiration to us all. Youíre a true success story and I love you dearly with all of my heart. You are in my thoughts, and in my prayers, I will forever be a fan of yours. Take care.