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"Wow...I'm on a TV show." --Jacob on how he felt after he made the eight

"I don't think they realize how much this means to me." --Dan on being picked to replace Ikaika

"I'm not going to be tempted into drugs and those types of pitfalls because I'm totally driven into making myself successful." --Ashley on being a role model

"I never thought of dropping out. I miss home as much as Ikaika, just because I love my friends and family so much. But I never thought about quitting--ever!" --Trevor on his determination

"I look for confidence in a girl. I don't like girls who drink or smoke because I have never even tried that stuff. A girl has to be beautiful on the inside and outside." --Dan on his ideal girlfriend

"A girlfriend has to love to dance and have a great sense of humour, because I'm a jokester and don't embarrass easily." --Trevor on Mrs.Right

"There is a side of me that has an attitude. I'm an only child, so I believe my way is the only way. I feel as a member of a group that I've evolved." --Erik on Erik

"I was always the class clown since kindergarten and I was always onstage." --Ashley on the acting bug

"There are times when I can't stop being the goofball or I can't stop laughing." --Erik on his silly side

"Even at our first performance at the House of Blues, I wasn't nervous, I was just psyched. It's weird..I don't get nervous at all." --Trevor on keeping his cool

"If it's not real music, then I'll leave." --Jacob on how he felt before his first try-out

"They can't believe it when I tell them all the new stuff that is happening." --Trevor on his family

"I was never really friends with him. I just dealt with it." --Jacob on his Ikaika ulcer

"We're not really partiers. We like to sit down and talk to each other." --Erik on their sensitive sides

"We're working really hard, we've got really good songs, we're writing really good songs for the album. We know we're going to have a good album." --Jacob on their forthcoming CD

"I love Will Smith. He's a great role model, someone you can really look up to." --Trevor on his idol

"When you come into a new group, everyone has their own things that they laugh at, there are certain things they dislike, certain things that offend them." --Dan on his worries before joining

"When I went for the audition, I never thought about the money. It was all about making it into the group and being able to sing." --Erik on greed

"They're there to film you as a person, and if that's you as a person, that's what needs to happen." --Trevor on living with the cameras 24/7

"We just try to remember that we're in this for the long run." --Jacob on the future

"He's like family. We call him Big Poppa for a reason." --Dan on Lou Pearlman

"It was really cleansing because it brought it all up and it dealt with it finally. I didn't care at that point that it took a camera being in my face to do it." --Ashley on his stepdad summit

"We're living in two apartments right now, a three-bedroom and a two-bedroom. Me, Jacob and Ashley are together and Trevor and Erik are right across the hall. it's just like Friends!" --Dan on the band's living arrangements

"Songwriting is a powerful tool to get people to really understand and kin of relate." --Erik on his #1 interest

"If I came in on a different plan than everybody else, it's on national television--you don't miss it!" --Dan on why it wouldn't work to be in a divided group