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please send in encounters where you have met O-Town and any pics you may have taken of them.

send encounters here

I met otown july 20th at the fun 107 radio station in new bedford massachusetts, theyre soooo nice! when they came i started crying! my mom went over 2 their van and when she came back she was holding dans hand, she brought the guys to me and i just started crying more! erik was like "aww i feel so bad!" and hhe ugged me (hes like the flirt/ goof of the group id say) i stayed with erik the most i think... people are always sayin jake is mean.. but hes not hes really nice! we talked to him about what he thought of everything so far, then i seen ashley and screamed and started shaking and sayin "omg, omg, omg, its..... its... DAMN I 4GOT HIS NAME!!!" he laughed and hes like "hi! im ashley!" then we talked about superman cause i was wearing a superman shirt.... (he had a superman cape and superman pajamas and matching he told me.. and he used 2 think he could fly and would try 2 fly by jumping off the couch!) then we talked to dan About how he liked being in the group and everything... hes soo sweet! i was standin next 2 him he gave me a hug and held my hand! then we went 2 trevor...... my sister & mom liked him the best cause they say hes not letting the fact that hes turned in2 a star go to his head. then i just hung out w/ erik 4 the rest of the time then we had pizza w/them and they left!

Since I live right near NYC, i asked my mom if we can go see O-Town the day of the album release. When she agreed, I was thrilled. We went with 3 of my friends and one of their mothers. Since I go to a Catholic school, we went in our uniforms and we were making so much noise on the bus down there while we were putting on makeup, looking at pictures, listening to the single, and just picturing what it would be like to meet them. We got there and the line wasn't bad. We figured that if they were on time, we would get in. But if you have ever seen "Making the Band" you know that they are always late. So we got there an hour early and it look good. My friends and I went in the store to get the CD and as soon as i walked in I started crying (I'm a really big fan). They were scheduled to get there at 4:00. I asked someone and they said that they would be there at 5:30 and that we had a really good chance of getting in. So when 5:30 hit everyone started screaming at every limo. O-Town winded coming in a black Jeep. Oh, and I forgot to say that they were an HOUR AND 15 MINS. LATE. When they came it was really cool because the "Making the Band" cameras were there and you kinda saw how it was like. Through the window, you couldn't really see them, but there was one spot that you saw Ashley, Jacob, and Erik perfectly. So we stood there and as soon as I saw Ashley (whinch is my favorite!!) and I started freaking out. I started screamind, of course, everyone joind with me. The guards then got mad and kicked my friends and I out. So when we went back online, we asked a guard at at 10 to 7 what time they were leaving and the guard said seven. He also said that we had no chance of getting in so we might as well go home. We got so upset because at the begining we were told we would get in and now we were let down. We tried EVERYTHING we could do just to one more quick glimpse at them, but we found out that at 7:30 they left. Everyone in the crowd was cursing and getting really upset. But, me and my friends were like "We saw them and we may never get that close to them again". I mean to get a perfect view of O-Town for the first time just seems so weird. Even though we were in the cold snow for 5 hours, some people might saw its noy worth it, but i have to diagree with them. From, Annie of New York Happened January 23rd, 2001

I met O-TOWN on January 26,2001. I live in Las Vegas and i heard that they were coming to town and that they were gonna be at wal-mart signing autographs so i was like so excited! as soon as i heard that i called my mom and told her that O-TOWN was gonna be in town on friday and that i had to go see them! And she was like ok. So when friday came i was so excited! i couldnt wait! i couldnt believe i was gonna meet them! They were gonna be at wal-mart from 4-6 so i left my house at 3 (which was later than i should have left) so when i got there the line was so long! It went across the whole store and then some! and this guy that worked there was saying that the people standing back here at the end of the line werent guaranteed to see them so i was like o man! well lets just go home. but then we went over by the table that they were gonna be signing at so that when they came out we could get a picture atleast before we left. but then the wal-mart people told us that we couldnt stand there and if we didnt move then O-TOWN wasnt coming out, so my cousin goes well i seen some of my friends in line lets go see if they will let u get in line with them so i was like all right! so (thank god) they let me join in line with them which was so cool! i was actually gonna meet O-TOWN! they didnt come out until like 4:45! but anyways the line finally started moving and i finally got to where i could see them!! i saw Ashleys head and i was like MOM THERES ASHLEY! I SAW ASHLEY!! and she just started smiling at me! and i was like so excited! and i got up there and i shook DANs hand! (hes sooooo hott) and then TREVORs! and then ERIKs! and ASHLEYs! and JACOBs! o my gosh i was so happy and then when i got to the end of the line after all of them signed my cd cover and shook my hand and let me take pictures of them all someone came by the table and STOLE MY CD COVER!!!! and i was so excited that i didnt notice till i went to pick it up and it wasnt there!! i was so upset!! i was about to cry!! seriously!! so then my mom told this lady that was working there what happened and she goes ya i saw that lady take it but i wasnt sure what was going on so my mom tells O-TOWN what happened and that she was gonna go buy another one if they would sign it for me again. and they were like ya sure! they couldnt believe that someone stole my cd cover! so my mom got another cd and TREVOR opened it for me (i still have the wrapper it came in)! it was sooooo cool! they are so sweet! and i got more pix of them when i went through the line again so actually whoever took my cd cover did me a favor cuz i got to go through the line twice!! and now i have 2 cds too! and once i got home i realized that when TREVOR signed my thing again he wrote "sorry" cuz my thing got stolen! isnt that cute! aww i luv O-TOWN even more now!! they are so nice! and now when i listen to my cd i always think about how i met them! im still so excited! they were the first famous people Ive ever met so that makes it even cooler! but i just want to say that i luv O-TOWN!! they are so sweet! LUV, *K8E* (Katie)

Me and my friend Chelsey were @ the airport on a friday afternoon just sitting there when we saw o- town. Of course being teenage girls we freaked out. Since our dads were with us they had to embarrass us by going over to them and asking them if they would lend us a tissue. They said yes and came over to us. I nearly fainted when I saw them because like whoever thought that we would meet o-town. Chelsey loves Ashley so when he hugged her and held her hand I thought she might die. All five of them hugged me and her and jacob(my favorite) held my hand. My dad said asked where they were going and they said to Hawaii. Well my dad had to blurt out that my friend and i were going to Hawaii to and that it was our first time flying that long. Well needless to say i thought that i was dreaming when i sat next to jacob and dan. Chelsey got to sit by ashley and erik. trevor was by himself so we felt bad. But he just went to sleep and snored. It took about 10 hours to get there so it was like being in a fantasy 10 HOURS WITH O-TOWN IS LIKE 10 HOURS IN HEAVEN. Well when we got there my cuz was there with his peeps and we made him stay there until o-town left. WE MET O-TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I met O-Town AUgust 5th, 2001. THey are such great guys. I actually met them two times in one day ( hehe lucky me ) i was going to their concert that night ( i was already lucky enough to have front row seats ) at around 12 o'clock me and my friend Lea went to a hotel nearby that we thought they were staying at. There were already ALOT of fans waiting there... to make a long story short they everntually cam down from upstairs and we met them :) ( except for Ashley becuz he was off with Shelly! EW!! ) Then a few hours later i had to go to the place where the concert was becuz i got to go backstage!! YEA!! When i went backstage it was AWESOME! i had bought all of the guys roses ( red roses.. but a yellow one for dan becuz hes my fav lol ) i gave them all the roses and they were all so sweet. I got to get their autogrpah and pictures ;) it was the best day ever. Then i got to go to the concert! FRONT ROW CENTER! it was the best concert! YEA!!

Well it started out like any other day at school until one of my friends told me that O-Town was supposed to preform at the rally. I was kind of skeptic but I was still freaking out and it was a good chance that it was true becuase Trevor did go to our high school. So when it was finally time to the rally there was a sign on the gym door saying the rally was being taped for a television show. So we figured out then that O-Town was diffenetly going to be there. We were sitting there the whole time waiting for O-town and eventually they had these 5 teachers come out who were supposed to be a boy band, it was kind of funny they ended up kicking out 2 members cause they didn't now the dance. So then one of the guys goes well were gonna need anohter member, and then he says weel what's your name and you her a voice that said "Trevor". So Trevor comes out and everyone is cheering. Then the teacher goes ok this will work but were still gonna need one more guy so then he says will what's your name and a vocie says "Ashley". And the Ashley comes and the 3 teachers, Trevor and Ashley do the dance to All For Love. It was so cool then Trevor started talking about all of his high school memories and Ashley was talking a little too. Although it wasn't all of the guys it was still worth it. Turns out the rally was being taped for Making The Band which is supposed to air in late April or earlier May so wathc out for it. Taht's my O-Town encounter.