Obviously, not all of my updates go in here. As I fix stuff, like one or two broken images, or add something small to the site, or something secret, it won't be up here. Luv yas!

May 14-Well, happy birthday to Shadzy(tomorrow). I bet she won't realize I even said anything here.

Anyway, I changed some stuff on the front page. Well, I'm one page closer to making the site look presentable again.

May 13(2003)-Dangit! Yes, we're alive. I'm considering stripping the site of the pieces that are supposed to be updated regularly. I've already taken down the RPGs, dahlings, but that's no great loss. If you'd email me with some RPGs, I'll add them to a list of RPGs I recommend. Also, don't send stuff to the old addy. I just couldn't remember to check it, and when I went to look at it, I found it spammed with porn emails in Italian. Lovely.

So I guess I'm off to add...stuff. What little I could drag up, anyway.

September 05-Our site is finally approaching 1000 hits! When we reach 1000, I will update everything on the site! Also, our new partner(should we get one) will be revealed once we break 1000.

August 20-Please read this!

July 28-Troika info updated, and maybe I'll update BotW.Maybe.

July 24-Happy birthday to my dad and John Partridge!

July 07-Added Troika News to my(Gewl's) side. Also added some sound files awhile back that I forgot to mention. Off to update BotW.

June 17-Just me, bumbling around the site. Couple things here and there, added a link to my online diary, included a tidbit on "Its Name Is Jellylorum," and...stuff.

June 16-Happy Father's day, and sorry for not updating. FINALLY put up my trip report. Off to update BotW.

May 27-Sorry guys, I know I promised to put the trip report up by Saturday. Then I got banned from the computer. It's 3:45 AM, I was fixing links and stuff, and I just can't keep it together all the time. I'll try to finish it in the next 15 minutes, but no promises.

May 21-Eep...Well, I promise to put my trip report up soon! I'm already done with the first act, anyway. Took down the animations because almost all of the images were broken, so I'm fixing those.

April 23-Sorry for the halt. I'm gonna take my Site Fights stuff down in a sec. In the meantime, my linking banner is up. Also, I'm Gonna See CATS! is updated.

April 05-Broken links(Its Name is Jellylorum, Past Bloopers, and Funny Clips) fixed. No time for anything else, cause I'm bizzy. I wuv oo all!

March 12-Site Fights stuff updated. BotW updated. I'm gonna go work on my spirit page. A LITTLE HELP, PLEASE?

March 03-Sorry cats, but I'm going to take a hiatus from da site until I get life under control and finish all this crap I have to deal with. In the meantime, VOTE FOR ME EVERY DAY ON THE SITE FIGHTS! Thank you.

February 26-Site Fights stuff updated, and BotW too.

February 22-Site Fights stuff fixed.

February 18-BotW is updated...I think...

February 11-My BIRTHDAY is in exactly one week! I want a pony, and a computer game, and an instant pizza maker...

In case you're wondering, she just put up the linky thing to her Site Fights poll and updated RPG's.

February 08-BOTW updated, and a few minor things in the guestbook fixed. Yet ANOTHER long pause between updates.Obviously, the front page went through some renovations. All the old stuff(poll, guestbook, etc.) is under "Click here, stupid" in case you want to leave me a message or anything. I've been doing a bunch of crud, and I'm back wif The Sims which rules. I even got the Livin' Large Expansion pack...:)

January 16-CATS is closing May 11! *sob*
Now that I've got that out in the open...*sob*...I've added a poll...*sob*...

January 13-Fanfic's fan fixed them. Hehehehe. Try saying that out loud. Really, though, I fixed the links to the fanfics so now they go where they're supposed to. Also, BOTW is updated.

January 08-Nothing major, just an RPG update.

January 07-Links updated. A new page on requesting to be linked added. Also, I'm fiddling with special characters(although right no the only one I know how to make is ), so you might see those pop up somewhere.

January 06-updated the no longer breaking breaking news. Also, I included a link to the Sean Biggerstaff fanlisting(What can I say, he's CUTE!).

January 04-Reality is really getting on my nerves! Blooper of the week is updated, and I FINALLY got around to adding links.

December 13-Sorry again for the HUGE slackoff. I've been impossibly swamped. I had a concert tonight, two tomorrow, and another one Monday, not to mention a couple tests and other crud. DOWN WITH REALITY!

November 18-Sorry all, but Lightshadow's section is probably never going to be updated by her again. She's never on anymore and I can hardly keep up with my own section. Her side will stay up, and will be updated even more infrequently than my section. I've updated the Blooper, but that's it.

I'm still working on unfinished stuff, but I don't have anything done enough to put up yet. Sorry, you 5 or 6 fans who still visit.

November 7-Yet again, I've been gone forever. Well, I've got a new section up in my side-check it out! And PLEASE send me feedback!

October 19-Wow, it's been a long time! I'm in the process of changing one of my RPGs. Also, I need your input: If you want me to link to your site, you have to Emeow me and I'll put it up. As well, I'm trying to put together a "splash" page(An opening page where you click a picture to go to the main page) and a "link to me" page. In the meantime, I'm working on an award. Do you have what it takes to get it?

September 19-Blooper of the Week updated.

September 17-New RPG up. Check it out or any of the other ones and JOIN PEOPLE JOIN!

September 10-I FINALLY got the fan fictions section up. PLEASE people, send one in or SOMETHING!

September 6th-I added "breaking news" to my page, and fixed the stupid broken link to Magician's RPG PLEASE EVERYONE JOIN!

August 31st--It's Tawnyfeather again. (As if you couldn't tell from my happy "salmon" color!) Not much to update other than the fact that I've updated this site even more than Lightshadow has! Maybe they'll let me join then. Hey, why don't you email Moonie and 'Shadow and ask them about it.

August 28-new RPG whoo hoo...*snores*

August 27-Fixied up the broken links and did Blooper of the Week. Actually, Gewl did it for me*sticks tounge out at Gewl*
Hey! I'm over HERE stupid!

August 25-Nothing major, just updated the ad skin thingy up top.

August 23-My side's up! YAY! Also, YOUR section's up! YAY!

August 19-WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I have to go back to school tomorrow and I really don't want to! Anyways...Light's section is open! Whoo! It's small, of course, but it will grow. If Light ever comes back. Also, I changed the midi on the front page to Bittersweet Shymphony by the Verve, because I couldn't stand that crappy Macavity midi anymore.

August 16-It's Moongewl, of course. Lightshadow never updates if she can help it. Obviously, this is a new page :) and I've made a few minor changes to the front page. Nothing special, mind you. If anyone wants to help me decide on a piccy for the buttons(*gasp* foreshadowing!) that will be on the front page, I beg you to help me out.