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This page is dedicated to Andy Gibb.

We still hear your voice on the wind.

You shall forever be Shadow Dancing across our hearts.


Looking at your Photo

I am drawn into your eyes.

The world falls away,

And I'm floating through the skys.

Going back in time

When you were young and innocent.

You would laugh,

And tilt your head in bewilderment.

We'd walk the beach.

Write messages in the sand.

Make you feel like someone.

By your side I'd stand.

Could I touch your heart?

Could I make you sigh?

Could I make you dream?

Could I bring a twinkle to your eye?

But I'm looking at your photo,

And I'm lost in your eyes.

I feel you by my side.

Lets float together through the skys.

by: Donna Latvis

Andy was a shining star that left us way to early. He was born on March 5, 1958 and left us March 10, 1988 from viral myocarditis (a heart inflammation). Along the way he brought us many beautiful songs, "I Just Want To Be Your Everything", "(Love Is) Thicker Than Water", "Flowing Rivers", and "Shadow Dancing" (still my favorite Andy song) just to name a few. Donated to many causes, and touched many hearts. I like to think Andy is shining brightly in the sky watching down on us. And if he is, I hope he knows he is our everything.

One More Look At The Night

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