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1. Me so sorry that I let you down- "Haunted House"

Sounds like a sad little boy. If the Bee Gees said

this to me I'd forgive them for anything.

2. You can tickle my nerves inside- "Anything For You"

My oldest daughter heard this line wrong. Let your

imagination run wild.

3. When the lonely heart breaks

It's the one that forsakes

It's the dream that we stole

And I'm missing you more

And the fire that will roar

There's a hole in my soul

For you it's goodbye

And for me it's to cry- "For Whom The Bell Tolls"

It sends shivers down my back. It's so sad and the way

Robin sings it is beautiful.

4. I feel my heartbeat

When you run your fingers Through my hair- "One"

I can just think of Maurice running his fingers through my hair.

5. Let me be your bodyguard

Living in my protection

We can just get ignited

Lost inside

It's only you and me- "Bodyguard"

All I'll say is they can be my bodyguard.

6. I shouldn't let you kick me when I'm down- "You Win Again"

Sometimes I feel like I'm kicked alot when I'm down.

This line should be my motto.

7. No matter how you hurt me I will love you till I

die- "Love You Inside And Out"

Maurice, no matter what. I will love you till I die.

8. Maybe you can tell me how a love so right can turn

out to be so wrong- "Love So Right"

I'm divorced, I could make a list.

9. It's something I thinks worthwhile

If the puppet make you smile

If not then You're throwing stones

Throwing stones, throwing stones- "Holiday"

I just love these lines.

10. I, I just want to be your everything

Open up the heaven in your heart and let me be

The things you are to me and not some puppet on a string

Oh, if I stay here without you, darling, I will die.

I want you laying in the love I have to bring

I'd do anything to be your everything- "I Just Want To Be Your Everything"

Maurice, I want to be your everything.

11. I just wanna get closer than close to you

I know that one way or the other

Any test of my faith will do

I give my heart for you to break

I give my final breath- "Closer Than Close"

Can you imagine someone loving you so much they would

be willing to give their final breath?

12. And I would give you all my life

I'm here if you should call- "Words"

What can I say. I melt at a love song. And this is the best.

13. I had to follow you

Though you did not want me to

That won't stop me loving you

I can't stay away- "Nights On Broadway"

As if I wouldn't want Maurice, Robin or Barry to follow me.

14. I'm going back to Massachusetts

Somethings telling me I must go Home- "Massachusetts"

One word "homesick".

15. Run to me whenever your lonely

Run to me if you need a shoulder

Now and then you need someone older

So darlin you run to me- "Run To Me"

I think I could use some one older. Maurice!!!!


1. "You have to remember my brothers VCR's flash 12." Maurice Gibb

2. "I think we're all ghosts anyway, ghosts in a

body." Robin Gibb

3. "I'm not on air with them cos I'm a geek." Maurice Gibb

4. "It was the best of times, it was the worst of

movies." Robin Gibb

5. "I was the piss artist, Barry was the pothead, and

Robin was the pillhead." Maurice Gibb

6. "It's like living in a bloody goldfish bowl." Barry Gibb

7. "We had an album tentatively called 'A Kick In The

Head Is Worth Eight In The Pants'." Barry Gibb

8. "I always likened him (Andy) to a little red UFO

that followed the rest of the UFO's in Close

Encounters of the Third Kind." Barry Gibb

9. " 'Charade' The song for making love." Maurice Gibb

10. "He hadn't gone anywhere. Maurice was left without

a group. He would show up at the recording studio, but

he was the only one."Robin Gibb

11. "Inside and out, backwards and forwards with my

cock hanging out." Maurice Gibb

12. "This is really good. I wonder how many flops in a

row we can actually get." Barry Gibb

13. "I don't think I would want some little girl to

have a Bee Gees doll in bed with her. With Osmond

dolls, the clothes are the skin- there's nothing under

there. With a Bee Gees doll, let me tell you, you're

ASKING for trouble." Barry Gibb

14. Question: Which of the seven dwarfs would each of you be?

Maurice: "Horny"

Barry: "I'd be Sleazy...or Happy Sleazy Dopey."

Robin: "I'd be Snow White"

15. "First fame is um a very dangerous thing. And you

believe what you read about yourself. You believe what

people say about you. You believe that you have

something very special to say, and that Gods talking

through you and the public needs to know." Barry Gibb

16. "He's (Tiny Tim) the only guy with long hair who

looks like my brother, except Robin hasn't got a big

nose- but I can soon arrange that." Maurice Gibb

17. "We are in fact the Enigma with the Stigma." Barry Gibb

18. "He (Maurice) perhaps is the one who understands

me the most. We're alot alike." Andy Gibb

19. "He (Andy) helped alot of people. He just couldn't

help himself." Maurice Gibb

20. "Everybody had a positive roll to play. Mom would

look after the clothes. Dad would do the ironing, I'm

joking. Dad would drive the car." Barry Gibb

21. And me favorite Maurice quote "Thank you love."