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I want to be your everything.

Your soul mate,

Your one and only.

I will follow where ever you lead.

Follow you with all my heart.

Follow you willingly.

I want to make you smile.

Keep sadness away.

Keep you safe and warm.

I will hold and comfort you.

Together we'll face good and bad.

Together we can weather any storm.

I want to teach you how to trust.

To be faithful I will vow.

Together at ecstasy we will arrive.

I will show you what true love is all about.

Make your eyes light up.

Make you the happiest man alive.

I want to share our lives.

This is love in bloom.

This is more than fate.

I want to be your everything.

Your one and only,

Your soul mate.

by: Donna Latvis


Just say the word

And give your ready grin.

I'll take your hand

And lead you to a log cabin.

Where we will talk

And sit by the fireside.

Weakly, timidly,

My feelings I'll confide.

Take off your hat,

Do not fear.

My fingers I'll run through

Your rich hair my dear.

With you by my side

I'd feel secure.

As if under a spell

My love you capture.

You ignate afire in my heart

As if it will break.

With a touch on the cheek

Our emotions will overtake.

You're a dream to behold,

My whole life you inspire.

I'll wait forever.

You are my one desire.

by: Donna Latvis


When the world has me depressed

I just close my eyes

And forget my troubles

Stop coming up with alibis.

I'll take a trip

to Miami Beach

wait outside the studios

till Mo comes within reach

I'll approach him timidly.

What should I say?

Try to stay composed

Should I run away?

He will touch my arm.

With a twinkle in his eye.

And flash a smile

All I can do is sigh.

He holds my hand

Makes me feel at ease.

We talk and laugh.

Don't go Maurice, please.

My daughter shakes me awake

Asks why the grin?

I think to myself.

Where do I begin

I would go to any lengths

Travel far and wide.

To make my dream real.

And stand by Mo's side.

By:Donna Latvis

Just a small note from the peanut gallery(A.k.a- Tragedy). Please do not take any of these poems without permission. I worked hard setting this site up for my mom and she worked very hard on these poems. If you want to have these poems on your site then please contact me or my mother first.

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