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Born on December 22, 1949 along with his twin brother (Robin) to Barbara and Hughie Gibb. In Douglas, Isle of Man.

Married to Yvonne in 1975. With two children- Adam and Samantha.

He now has a home in Maimi Beach, FL

Nicknames- Mo, Moby

Hobbies- photography and computers

Maurice made his first public appearance when he was 6 years old (with his brothers Robin and Barry) at a local cinema- miming to hits of the day.

They moved to Australia in 1958.

In 1963 the Bee Gees sang "The Battle of The Blue and Grey" on TV.

Their first international hit was "N.Y. Mining Disaster, 1941" And from there they have gone on to change the world of Music. With harmonies that can bring a tear or make you dance. And words that can make feelings clear or just entrance.

They have brought home the American Music Award for "International Achievement". The Brit Award for "Outstanding Contribution to Music". World Music Award for "Lifetime Achievement". And they have been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. But most importantly they have brought home the respect, admiration, and love of their fans.