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About Me


I'm Donna. I am 40 years old (41 come August 4) I'm a divorced mother of two daughters. We live in Massachusetts.

Here are my "babies".

Crystal- born October 24, 1984. She loves music. Has played cello for 6 years and the keyboard for a year.

Karen- born January 30, 1987. She loves animals and I can see her working with animals when she grows up.

My taste in music....

Of course I love the Bee Gees. I also enjoy Tom Petty and Aerosmith.

In my spare time I enjoy writting and photography. I have had a few poems printed in anthologies and newspapers. My dream is to have a book of poetry.

Here is one of my poems.

Talking With Her Face.

The curl of her mouth.

A twitch of the cheek.

Her face lights up,

When she begins to speak.

Her eyes start to sparkle,

With every word.

You begin to smile,

Not at what you heard.

Her lips form an oval,

For the word to embrace.

Every muscle in movement,

As she talks with her face.

We love animals and have three cats. Two were strays we took in.

Sweet Rose 2 is my youngest daughters cat. He will talk back to you and loves to eat plastic. So hide those chip bags.

Baby is my oldest daughters. The name fits. He loves to curl up in your lap and drool.

Hush-Hush is my baby. She was a stray that with the help of my youngest daughter we took in. (animals just seem to come to her) She was just a kitten and must have been attacked by a cat. We almost lost her. I had to give her pills and bathe her two open wounds. She will always limp because she lost muscle by her back leg.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me.