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TIWICI fan reviews

This is the fans page. Please help me by sending in your comments on the new CD.

Lets show everyone how we feel.

I'll start the ball rolling.....

The Harmonies, and vocals of the Bee Gees are back with This Is Where I Came In.

It amazes me how they continue to come up with beautiful lyrics and tunes. I have always thought the Bee Gees are the best songwritters and this CD only strengthens my belief.

There is something for everyone on this CD. One of my daughters likes the beat of "She Keeps On Coming". "Technicolor Dreams" is the type of song I think my mother would love. And my favorite....well one time its "Man In The Middle", then its "Embrace", then its, "The Extra Mile", then.... I can't make up my mind. I love them all!

I think it is great that on this CD Barry, Robin and Maurice each have two songs they get to shine on.

Maurice shows us that voice we love (and don't get enough of) on "Man In The Middle" and "Walking On Air". All I can say is Maurice you are not a "stupid Man".

Robin's voice can still give me chills. And he graces us with "Deja Vu", and "Embrace".

Barry wows us on "Loose Talk Costs Lives" and "Technicolor Dreams". I love the lines "I would adore you still. From under your windowsill".

"Wedding Day" has become my new favorite love song. It brings tears to my eyes. I told my daughters that I don't think anyone would ever want to marry me again, (but if I ever found someone [Maurice])I want "Wedding Day" played at my wedding.

Barry, Robin and Maurice's talent shows through on every song on the new CD. And I just want to thank Barry, Robin and Maurice for going that "Extra Mile" for us.


I think it is great. Thank you for letting me voice my opinion.

This is probably one of the best if not THE best cd they've done. I'm especially glad that Mo has 2 songs on it although I can't make up my mind which I like better (I'm leaning toward "Walking On Air") Just goes to show-you can't mess with talent.


I LOVE this album!! When I first heard This Is Where I Came In, I was just knocked out by it. I can listen to this song a thousand times, and then some! The second favourite for me on the album would be a toss up between She Keeps On Coming, and Deja Vu. Both are brilliant!!! The bridge in She Keeps On Coming, is fantastic!!! I cannot fault this song, and I HAVE to turn up the volume every time. I can't help myself. Deja Vu is fantastic, and I think it should be the next single -- Definitely! Other songs I am really impressed with are Technicolour Dreams -- It is the coolest to sing along with, and I love it to bits!! Finally we get to hear more of Maurice!! I love both of Mo's songs, at first I favoured Walking On Air, I LOVE that chorus!!!... but lately I think I like Man In The Middle more -- can't make up my mind. I can't help but rock it out with Barry in Voice In The Wilderness. He really nailed the style!! Love this one, and I play it LOUD!! It would be a cool album closer, but thank god I got the one with the bonus tracks, one of which is the GORGEOUS Just In Case!! Unfortunately for some the USA fans, they will miss out on this song.The brothers do a superb job. Robin in particular is in superb form on this album. He is so relaxed, and it shows! I really shouldn't favour one brother like that, but heck, I can't help it. This is one great album, and the brothers should be very proud!!


My favorite song off of This Is Where I Came In is "She Keeps On Coming". It is a very catchy song. I like the beat to it and it's a very different song then I've heard them do before. On The Extra Mile they use cello's, violin's, and viola's. I think that is neat because I play the cello and have tried to learn the other two.


I Love This Is Where I Came In My Favorite Songs Are This Is Where I Came In She Keep On Coming Sacred Trust Wedding Day Man In The Middle Déjà vu Walking On Air Embrace.

The Three Songs I Didn't Like Are Technicolor Dreams Loose Talk Costs Lives Voice In The Wilderness.

From Kirsten

This is a greatCD. I like every song on it. Wedding Day is so beautiful. My neice is getting married in a year and she is going to use it! The Backstreet Boys are IDIOTS for not using Sacred Trust! Anyway, I give the CD a 10 plus!! I like hearing Maurice solo on some of the songs.

Patti Henderson

i love this cd, almost as much as i love mo. it is great.i bought two so i could carry one in the car, and have one in the house also...i also have it on my screensaver. he is great.


I have the new album. Got it the day it was released. Right off the back, it drew me in. "This Is Where I Came In" was the perfect song to start out the album. The song takes you in with its soulful singing and its powerful music. "She Keeps On Coming" I straight up rock and roll. FANTASTIC!!! "Sacred Trust" is arguably one of the best ballads they have written. I can't help but sing to it everytime I play it, but of course I sing to all of them. "Wedding Day" is just absolutly beautiful, perfect for the new bride and groom. In my opinion, the best song on the cd is "Man In The Middle"!!!! Maurice's voice is absolutly stunning, the music, the lyrics, everything fell into place. "Deja Vu" and "Embrace" capture the angelic voice of Robin. "Technicolour Dreams" and "Loose Talk Costs Lives" are very good songs. Barry did I tremendous job with those 2 songs. "Walking On Air" once again, Maurice stole the cd. AWESOME!!! "Extra Mile" and "Voice In The Wilderness" are good songs to close the cd, not there best, but still good. I hope u feel the same way.

Ray :o)

This honestly is one of the best. These songs are probably their best stuff (they just keep getting better and better) Of course, I'm partial to "Man in the Middle" and "Walking on Air" but hey, Barry and Robin do a great job on their vacals as well. Long live the Bee Gees.

Susan McGowan (Mo's #1 Fan for 30 years)