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Robin Gibb


Born December 22, 1949 in Douglas on the Isle of Man to Barbara and Hugh Gibb.



You are every beat of our hearts. Our Heaven on earth and all that we're worth.

Don't leave us helpless, standing on our own. Save us and take us to the sky.

When our heart breaks only you can fill the hole in our soul, dry our tear when we cry.

Please, make our dreams come true, for we are missing you more than words can say.

We promise to be there, we will never forsake you. We Are Waiting For You!

Love you alway,

Donna Latvis


Robin Gibb Solo Albums

Robin Gibb News

Robin Gibb joins US5 on the Bee Gees #1 hit from 1978 "Too Much Heaven" that was released in November 2007. Robin also appears in the video which was filmed in Berlin. US5 is a young American pop band consisting of Chris Watrin, Izzy Galegos, Jay Khan, Vincent Tomas and Richie Stringini. They were formed by Lou Pearlman from the TV show "Big in America". They are now living in Berlin.

In June 2007 Robin Gibb was elected president of the CISAC (International Confedaration of Societies of Authors and Composers). The CISAC was founded in 1926 to help give recognition to and to protect the rights of creators. Their headquarters is in Paris.

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