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Awave Studio- Do conversions from the about 60 audio file formats that it can read into any of the 30 or so audio file formats that it writes!A 3-step procedure makes converting large numbers of audio files both fast and simple!It can handle very large files without using up your memory. *Supports up to 32-bit floating point sample precision (more than required for 24-bit PCM precision), arbitrary sample rates (nice for those '2496' freaks out there) and multi-channel audio. *You can do optional effects processing using up to four DirectShow effect filters (a.k.a. DirectX plug-ins) as well as built in functions such as resampling and silence removal 

Awave Audio - Audio File Format Batch Converter!

Cool Edit 2000 -Cool Edit 2000 is a basic digital audio recorder and editor for your PC. With it, you can record music or other audio, edit it, add effects to it, export it to MP3, or prepare it for CD right on your computer. Cool Edit 2000 also lets you analyze audio with Spectral View and Frequency Analysis; create named presets to store your favorite processing function settings; and more. Standard effects within Cool Edit 2000 include Reverb, Delay, Echo, Flanger, Distortion, Envelope, Noise (White, Pink, or Brown), DTMF Signals, and Tones.  In the demo version there is a time limit of 30 minutes per session, and the save and clipboard functions are disabled. Suggested retail price of the full version is $69.

Dj MP3 - Dj MP3 Media is the ultimate tool for managing Media playlists.  Featuring the most powerful playlist organization engine yet.  It supports unlimited number of Media Players, including: WinAMP, Sonique, K-Jofol, Microsoft Media Player etc. It also supports unlimited number of Media extension via a plugin

Millennium Mp3 Studio 1.2 -Millennium Mp3 Studio is not just another Mp3 Player, but a complete studio that allows you to Play Mp3, Create Mp3 CDs, Decode, Studio Mix with 24 Band Equalizer, Playlist Creator, ID3 Tag Editor, Skin Support and much more

Mp3 JumpGate Player

Mp3 2000 1.0 -Studio is not just another Mp3 Player, but a complete studio that allows you to Play Mp3, Create Mp3 CDs, Decode, Studio Mix with 24 Band Equalizer, Playlist Creator, ID3 Tag Editor, Skin Support and much more. Why settle for a Mp3 Player when you can have a complete Mp3 2000 Studio with the New Millennium sound?"

Mp3 2000 Studio

MP3bee 1.06.1- Wouldn't it be great to burn CD's from the MP3 files you downloaded?
  It is possible with Sahertian Soft's MP3Bee!  Burn your MP3 files onto Audio CD's directly, easily, fast and in high quality,   so it will be playable in the car, Discman and stereo tower.   Playback your MP3 files with MP3Bees internal MP3 player  and edit their ID3 Tags with the Tag Editor.  The unregistered version limits you to burn 3 CD's only.

MP3fox -The MP3fox is an elaborate Database, Jukebox and Utilities program that enables you to archive, sort, play, (re)arrange, edit, create playlists and manipulate all music files that are stored on your PC in Mp3 and other formats. Just point and click to retrieve and play music files from a total of up to 100,000 files that can be stored in the MP3fox's database. It will also automatically display the lyrics text of selected songs, a picture of the artist and/or start to run a liased program. Playlists can be automatically created (at random and according to your mood). The MP3fox also offers many utilities to manipulate and modify Mp3 files.This download comes with a 10-day, fully functional trial period, and thereafter has limited functionality. Registration for fully functional version costs $25.
MP3 RENAMER -MP3 Renamer allows you to edit ID3 tags (1.0, 1.1, and 2.x detection) and use the tags as filenames. You can automatically remove or replace any letters or other marks you do not think belong in the tags. The program also offers full playlist support and an easy-to-use interface. Version 2.10 added support for dragging and dropping files in the main window, and for creating MP3 playlists. Version 2.11 fixes a few minor bugs.

NCTWavPlayer-The NCTWavPlayer control is a visual editor of audio files, which allows the user to perform many operations with waveform audio data. Until registration, NCTWavPlayer is limited to ten-second WAV files, and the PasteFromFile and MixFromFile methods are disabled. NCTWavPlayer costs $149.95.
Sound Limit - Sound Limit is a high speed and good quality audio mpeg encoder and decoder. It has the ability to grab audio data ( CDDA ) directly from your audio cd. Supported formats are MPEG1 layer 1, layer 2 and layer 3. So you will can compress your favourite songs using a single product. So look no further !. Supported operating systems are Windows 95/98 and Windows NT 4.x.SHAREWARE 30-day trial version



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