Funny Nicknames

Hey there! This is the "Funny Nickname" page! We've made these up, and some of them got from other people, including my buddy Amy. If you have any personal nicknames for any of the five hotties, email me with them! And remember, I am totally In LOVE with these 5 gorgeous studs, and these nicknames aren't to be taken personally,and no pun intended! I have nothing against Nsync!Thanks! Bye bye bye!

FOR ALL OF THEM: Nsuck themselves, Money men.


JuJu, Justy, Jujucrack, Fro Boy, Curly, Britneys Toy, HomieG, Bounce, Ghetto Boy, Mr. "I think I'm black", Bouncy,"Got Cereal?" Basket Curl, Kramer (cuz of his hair) ......I need more!


Lanciepooh, Poofu, Stealth, Scoop, Mr.Cool, Lansten,large mouth bass, fairy, Albino Boy, trout ......... more more more!


Jumper, Big Nose, Cutie, .....come on, we need lots!


Pineapple Head, Bustas master, Wacked, Gone Nuts, Spinno, Dog boy ...fill in the rest !!


Ladies Man, Rainbow Head, Pumper, Helpless Romantic,"Super Man", Joey-Moey, JoeJoe, JoeJoe-Mojo, Man Slut, Instead of 'SuperMan' Super Slut or Super Pimp! ....more more more!

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