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"If you've been Naughty go to your room, if you wanna be naughty, come to mine!!!!!!!" Nick Carter

Hey There! My name is Sarah. Thanks for visiting my N'side Nsync-Literally website! Yeah, I know, under AOL search, its N'side N'sync, but I changed it, but I hope you enjoy! This website has its 'Specialness' because my FAVORITE sister, Megs helped, well, she like created it, but I founded it, so yeah. So you know, if there are any comments from a girl named Megan, they're from her. If you have any questions, please e-mail me. Just Remember, this is harmless humour, and if you can't take a little dissing to justin and "the guys" then this site just isn't for you, so I advise you to hit the X button at the top right and leave, and to never come back, lol! And if any of them members of *//\\//SYNC ever do see this, don't take it personally. I still luv ya guys! : )

First Made:7/25/00

Look guys! I am updating the damn site! Wow!

Something has been brought to my attention! A lot of you guys are e-mailing me asking me if I would like to host your Storys. What you need to do, is go to Megans site, and E-mail her. She's better with this stuff ok? And Also~ You guys keep asking me to update it! Well.. Here I am!!

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~*You know you wanna look, because theres pictures of Lance!*~

~*Cuz' if you don't look, I'll sick Howie Dorough on you! *Evil Laugh**~

~*Or you'll make JoeJoe Cry!!*~

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Look at what some of the people I know call them...LOL : )

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