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Vocal Performer

JUST THE FACTS! KIMBER has been a serious vocal artist for the past fifteen years.She has been involved in music since a very young age.Planting her musical roots in school, she has carried on her need and desire to be an entertainer since then.Having an extensive history of performing, she feels very comfortable in most settings. She has not restricted herself to a particular style/genre as of date.She is very flexible and comfortable with most genres including classical, country, and pop. She is a mezzo soprano with a two and a half octive range.Currently, she is not performing or writing her own music at this time, but has taken an interest in writing her own lyrics when and if the opportunity arises. KIMBER's goals are well set and she is looking forward to living them out very soon.She hopes to be able to perform as a full time career and sign with a company.She had interests in background vocals, or setting out on her own or as part of a well knit, group. If you or your company is currently seeking vocal performers, KIMBER can be reached through e-mail.By leaving a contact number, she will get in touch as soon as possible. THank you for visiting KIMBER's webpage!