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Show Reviews

Ok guys, here's your homework....I need some reviews! If you go to a Faze4 show, could you please email me with a review if you get some time? I want the world to know how great of a show they can put on!

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Palatine Talent Explosion 2000

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September 24, 2000

I went to the show because Beth had told me about Faze 4 and I was curious about them. I had no idea what I was in for. When Erik Bradley introduced them, we all rushed to the stage and everyone started screaming. Well, all I have to say is that I was completely blown away by their performance. I was surprised by the talent on stage. Wow, I have NO IDEA why these guys don't have a record deal or anything yet. NO CLUE. They're terrific. If N SYNC can be that famous, these guys are gonna be HUGE. I mean it. They dance like pros, and sing like nobody's buisness.

Screamfest Opening Night

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October 12, 2000

I was in the very front, smashed against the barrier. After getting in a fight with someone behind me (she said I was pushing her. I was trying to breathe, because SHE was pushing ME against the barrier) and standing 3 feet away from the speaker for nearly 2 hours, Faze 4 came onstage. Their performance was good. (at least what I could hear of it. I was pretty much deaf by that point.) I had to stick my fingers in my ears so that I could hear the lyrics, and not just the bass (so if you guys are reading this, it wasn't because of you, I was just trying to save my hearing) All in all, it was a really good concert and my ears stopped ringing about a day and a half later.

B-96 Halloween Bash 2000

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October 27, 2000

Faze 4 went on first, and they were great. They performed a couple of new songs, that I loved. They didn't sing "Hold On" and I was kinda disappointed, cuz I love that song, but it doesn't really matter, the new stuff was all good. Plus I got to see them in person again, they did a photo thing with the fans, and stevie gave me a hug. I was wearing my cowboy hat again, so right before the guy took the picture, Stevie leaned down next to me and started singing that Kid Rock song "Cowboy". In the picture, Stevie looks kinda strange, cuz he's right in the middle of saying "cuz I wanna be a cowboy baby!" and I'm cracking up. hehe. All in all, I got lots of hugs, and heard the new songs, so it was a great night!.

Melrose Park Show

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November 11, 2000

We found out about this concert at Screamfest, and I spent almost the entire month convincing my mom to let me go. Finally, Beth's dad said he's drive us there. So anyway we get there, and the signing starts. It was really loud and chaotic, but chaos is alway fun. We decided to go and get in line and get our pics and signatures all legal like, so we gave the guys these little stuffed animals that we found that make noises when you squeeze them. Stevie got a duck that quacks, Lucas got a puppy that barks, and the twins got little monkeys that shriek. We're standing in the crowd in front of the stage when they go on, and Stevie runs on stage, wearing a black hooded jacket, and carrying... the duck! He trys to get everyone to quiet down, and then holds the microphone up by the duck and sets it off. Beth and I were practically dying. They then sing a couple of songs, and after one song they start goofing off. Stevie runs over and grabs the duck again, and then Serg and Mikey go and get the monkeys. Lucas goes over, comes back and says "someone took my stuffed animal!" A few seconds later, he finds it and says "I got a puppy!" They play around with the stuffed animals for a little while. Again, they did the "Let me be the one" set, which is very good, lots of energy and amazing dancing. I miss "Hold On" but it's all good. I love seeing them at these small shows, because they have more time with the fans, and you can really see them perform. Seeing their smile when they're up there is half the fun of going to their concerts. They have so much energy and put everything they have into their music.

Chicago Music Awards

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February 10. 2001

Well, to start the night off, we were nearly late, and the traffic was really bad. When we got there, we saw Erik and the guys in thier car, and our driver cut them off. The awards were not rehearsed as far as we could tell, and pretty soon, they were running over an hour behind schedule. We got bored, so we hung out in the lobby outside, and turns out, the guys spent quite a lot of time out there too. I've never seen any of them act quite that hyper. Pretty close, but they were all really wired. We went back inside, to watch parts of the awards, and then we went back out to the lobby. Mostly, we went back in, cuz the guys had to go, and we got bored. As soon as we saw that they were back out there, we went back out too. Much more entertaining than any awards show. Anyway, the guy's performance was incredible, but it always is, so I don't know why that's anything new. They sounded great! (Looked pretty good too) Even though they didn't win, it was a great night. I miss them already, and it hasn't even been a whole day! Can't wait until next time!

Editor's Note (hehe, I always wanted to say that!):That was probably one of the best times I had! I just want to say HEY! to all of the people that I finally met for the first time Kelly, Tammi, Mandy, Elisa etc....oh you guys know who the rest of you are! :)

WGN News Performancs

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February 21, 2001

Well, we got there at like 5:30 am cuz my friends said that they opened the doors at 6:00 a.m.  Well, we get there and we are just hanging around with some of our other girls that we met up there. Then since B96 was there everyone was bowling so we decided why's free. They gave us free pizza too.  Really good at 6 a.m. if ya ask me.  Well, then we decided to take a walk down by the B96 people and who do we see....Faze4. Stevie saw us and told us to come around but our friend Jessica was the only one who actually heard him. So she went and we all just stood there. Then about 10-15 minutes later me and my friend Mel went on a search for her while our other friends bowled. We then saw Erik and he told us to go say hi to the guys back by the bar and the video games. There was Jess. They all came up to us and gave us the biggest hugs....the best ones I've got yet. We just talked about how early it was for them. The other guys went by the video games and we just talked to Lucas for a while. Then our other friends came looking for us. So we just stood around talking to the guys while they played video games. Then Stevie went and got their video cam and started taping us. We were about to box cuz he was talking about my YT boyz. But he know I love it was really early so I probably look really evil...LOL. I don't know if it was just cuz it was extremely early or if it's just cuz they are completely loco!

Then a bunch more fans came and we just stood around talking till they had to go practice before they went on. The sang the acoustic version of "Nowhere" and it was awesome in my opinion!  I absolutely loved it.  When they were finished they did another lil meet and greet and took pics, talked with their fans and signed stuff. Then it was time for the guys to leave....but not before they each stole a whole pizza. Stevie stole two....but he gave us one.  Thanks Stevie! Stevie pizzas the best! Luv ya! Can't wait till the next show...I miss them already!

Alwayz Smile =)

<3 Much Luv <3


Fox Lake Ford Appearance

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March 17, 2001

Even though it was just a signing, i'm still putting a short little review up here. The signing was a lot of fun, saw a lot of the girls I've been talking to online, and finally managed to match some faces with Screen names. Eddie and JoBo had someone sing "Nowhere" acapella for the guys, so we made Mya go up there and sing. It was great fun. Of course, it's always great to see our boys again, gotta love those guys, they always make me smile. I only got through the line once, spent the rest of the time in line, talking to everyone! It was great seeing everyone again, and this time I wont have to wait months to see them again, I'll be seeing them again at the 98 Degrees concert, too bad they're not doing a meet and greet or anything! Oh well, it'll be awesome hearing them sing again!

98* Revelation Tour

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March 28, 2001

The concert was awesome! We spent a little while talking to Big Steve outside the arena, by the B96 van. Beth showed him some pictures from Melrose Park, and he asked her to e-mail them to him at b96, and he'll put them on the site! We gave him a few of the Faze4 promo stickers Mya made, and he decided to stick one to a cop that was cruising around the area. The guys went on first, and they were great. I had a hard time linking the guys on stage to the guys I talk to after shows. Lol, it's funny, my brain hasn't made that connection yet. One of these days, it's gonna hit me, and I'll probably start crying or something. After Faze4 finished, we (Beth, Mya, Sarah and I) went out to the lobby and wandered around until we found the rest of our little (well, not so little) group of friends. Nikki, Mandy, and Suzy got meet and greet passes for the 98 Degrees signing, while we were waiting for them to come back we wandered around some more, and handed out the promo flyers we made. We got back to the backstage doors in time to catch the guys (faze4) coming back inside. Beth got a few pictures, and I got lots of hugs, but genius child me forgot to take pictures. I'm such an idiot. They couldn't stay long, but it was good to see them again. We missed all of the other opening acts, so I don't really know how they were. I wish we had seen Dream though, I was kinda looking forward to that. Oh well. 98 Degrees put on a great show. They are such awesome singers. They don't do a lot of dancing, but they did some, and there were a few fireworks and pyrotechnics. The focus of their concerts is more on their vocals, not as much of a visual thing.

B96 Great America Opening Night

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April 27, 2001

The first thing i did when i got to six flags was go to the stage that they were gonna be performing at and sit there until the performance so i could get good seats. Well i got there at 5:15 and went to the stage and luckily there were sum great seats left that were on the right side of the stage in the front row. i really liked the seats cuz they didn't have one of those huge annoying black speakers or whatever they are in front of me. k, well my little sister and my friend wanted to get eden's crush's autograph... but i didn't really care if i got it or not cuz i don't like them that much, so i stayed there by myself in front of the stage. i got to meet sum awesome ppl and hear sum awesome mixes! i stayed there for about 3 hours and finally eddie and jobo came out... and they introduced faze 4... when the concert started, they did this awesome thingy that said their name and then they did a little dance move. it was too cute! Then they did 3 songs, they were soooo awesome, their dance moves were tight!!!! and they sing so incredibly good. i was like the only person in that section that knew all the words to their songz!!! i was dancing and singing and screaming the whole time!!!! Mikey and Stevie even noticed me at one time while i was singing... it was sooooo awesome!!!! i have been to other faze 4 shows, but i think this one has been their best! i probably think that cuz i had great seats.... well anywayz, after their performance, they were going to be doing an autograph signing, so we left after the 1st eden's crush song was done (i would've left as soon as faze 4 was finished, but my sister begged me to stay for at least one eden's crush song, so i had to...) in the line we met sum other awesome ppl, i even got this group of girls to start liking faze 4 by talking about how awesome and talented they are... the line was too long and my sister was complaining and we were gonna see them the next day in elmhurst anywayz, so i didn't mind leaving the line. we went in line for raging bull and halfway through the line we decided to go back... so we went back and we just watched them sign everything for everyone and do a lotta other cute stuff. we also got to talk to erik bradley and me and my friend showed him our faze 4 sweatshirtz that we had made, and he luved them and kept asking us to turn around becuz they sed faze 4 on the back... then i started crying because six flagz was almost closed and i didn't really get to meet them, so i begged erik to get me one of those posters that they were leaning over, so he got me the one that stevie was leaning over and i was really happy. erik's sooo awesome!!!! well that was basically it... it was soooo awesome!!!!! peace, luv, and faze 4 alwayz and foreva!!!!!! lotza faze4 luv, ~Alejandra~ ps... sry this was so long... i got a little carried away..... i do that a lot when i talk about faze 4... lol:-)

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