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Faze4 Quotes!

Alright, here are some of my favorite moments from Faze4 (and people that have something to do with Faze4 too...)Some of these are pretty funny! If you guys have any quotes to put up here, lemme know!

"Alright, belch contest!"-Stevie

"You sing, you draw, you belch, what DON'T you do?"-Stevie

"It's a house of DEATH!"-Stevie

"I feel like Ace Ventura"-Lucas

"Mya says I need to eat more to keep my butt in good form!"-Stevie (yeah, about me. LOL)

"Is that SAUSAGE?! Gimme one!"-Mikey

Lucas:"Ew! I'm not eating that!"
Bridgette:"Oh come on! Eat one!"
Lucas:"Uh-uh! YOU eat one!"

"Is this a strip game? STRIP FAZE4!"-Stevie

"Hey! FAZE5!"-Lucas (lol thanks hun!)

Stevie:"You drew my butt? Why?"
Me: "Cuz it was cute!"
Stevie: "Did it have good form?"
Me: "Of course!"

"Shake your bon-bon!"-Sergio

"Oh no, I'm not in this picture! Not my butt!"-Erik

"Oh my GOD!That's awesome! And you mean I can keep it?!"-Mikey

"You know, if you make it big, you have to change your name, cuz Mya is taken!"-Eddie and Jobo

"Ok, that one's Erik, and Lucas is the bunny!"-Stevie

"Aww, you win!"-Stevie to Maggie for letting out the mother of all belches

"Uh oh! My pants are ringing!"-Beth

"Is that a phone or are you just happy to see me?"-Lucas

"Alright! Party at Erik's! The address just kidding!"-Stevie

"Alright, who wants to play soccer with me? I don't play basketball."-Mikey

"You're so funny! HAHA! Stevie's butt!"-Erik

"Aww, Stevie, now you got the camera all fogged up!"-Beth

"It's my pretty new dental work!"-Stevie

"I'm a polite boy!"-Mikey

"This is the best cheesecake ever!"-Mikey

"Here's one for the FALSE pile! You're wrong!"-Stevie

"Stevie, take care of that butt! It needs to keep its form!"-Me

"I think it's time for Erik to give a speech!"-Stevie

More Quotes!!!