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Other Stuff

My Shoutouts!

Alright, here's where I can have some fun! Thanks to all of you for visiting my page and donating pictures! Luv y'all lots! go my shoutouts

Beth, Lori, Maggie and Bridgette--The Faze-4-Mobile Crew!! Hey ladies! How ya doin?!

Suzy, Mandy, Nikki...and all you other ladies. You know who you are--Thanks for your ideas and stuff. You gals are all great!! See you soon!

Laura, Michelle, Sue, Anna squared, Kristen, Sara, and to all my other Hersey people (Including Rosemary...who tries to make me love X-treme more than Faze4!!! I do like them, just not as much!)--Thanks for putting up with my day in day out obsession. LOL And just to let you ain't stoppin!!

All the Faze4 Fans out there--I couldn't have this page without y'all! Thanks for the pics, the comments, the ideas and everything else! And guys, if ya see me somewhere, please say hey!

To Erik Bradley-- You are so amazing! You have been such a nice guy to all of us, and we love you for it! It's great how not only the guys look up to you, but we do as well. Stay Sweet!

And finally, but most importantly, Stevie, Mikey, Sergio, Lucas (aka Faze4)-- You guys are the greatest. Really, what else can I say. You are the reason that I do this! You have been so sweet to me. I love seeing you, and I'll always be behind ya!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

A Little Something Extra

I would really like to thank my girl Suzy for what she did at the TN show!! Thank you sooooooo much girl!!! (She let us talk to the guys on the phone!!) Well anyway, people kept asking me what was I'm gonna put up the conversation I had with Stevie. It was kinda funny...see, I was sitting in my room, I hadn't even gotten out of bed yet, and Suzy called me up...and I ended up talking to Stevie. Talk about weird! :) Anyway, here's what was said:

Stevie: Helllloooooo
Me: Hey there
Stevie: Whats up girl? This is Mya right?
Me: Yep. That's me! I'm doing great. How 'bout you?
Stevie: I'm doing AAAWWWEEESSSOOOMMMEEE!! Tennessee is FUUUUUUN!
Me: (Laughing) Well that's good. Hey guess what?
Stevie: What?
Me: My birthday is Saturday!
Stevie: Really!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Me: Thanks hun! Good luck today! I know you guys will do great!
Stevie: Well thanks Mya! Now I'm gonna give Suzy back the phone. See ya very soon! Bye!
Me: Bye!! Luv ya!

Now I'm sure you all realize that this is not word for word exact, but it was pretty damn close to that (call me pathetic for remembering....whatever.)It was AWESOME! Then Suzy called us up later, and we got to talk to the rest of them, and it was just great! So THANK YOU SUZY!!! WE OWE YOU BIG!!! <3

Alright, it happened again. This time, it was Erik and Sergio on the phone! They gave me a call for my birthday. So for this one I'd like to thank Beth, Maggie, and of course ERIK!!! For pulling this off! Basically it went along the lines of this:

I pick up the phone, and I hear, "Hey Mya! Happy Birthday!" Then I realize that I'm talking to Erik and the second voice I hear was Sergio's. My eyes must have gotten huge! So they wished me a happy birthday and stuff, we joked around about why Beth and Maggie wouldn't tell me where we were going(which ended up being the MB20 show)...They were like, "Uh oh. You better be good! No casualties!" So we talked about that, and laughed a little. We got on to the subject of my art and Sergio mentioned how much he really appreciated that....oh man the whole thing was great. And it was just kinda mindless chit chat from then on. Then I let them get back to work (LONG day in the studio from what I heard. And I mean LONG) So we said our good-byes, and they wished me a happy 17th birthday and that was about it! Thanks again to Sergio, Erik, Beth and Maggie!

Hey guys! Listen to this! It's really old, and you'll get a kick out of it! I can't remember where I got it from, but whoever it was....THANKS A LOT!!!"

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