My name is Donna AKA (Smiley) :) I am 34 married to woderful man, and a mother of 2 wonderful children (Well I live in New Jersey, and I am very active in lot's of thing's. I like to roller blade, go to the beach, watching movies at home with the family. My kids call me a big kid, only because they are asked by everyone if I am there big
I have a major part in my online life. I am very dedicated to Webdreamers. I take part in alot of activities with them as well. I have met the most wonderful people through this ring, and I don't know what I would do without them.
I also am kept very busy with the family, My kid's are in every sport you can imagine, So just when one season is over another begins. But that is just fine with me, as long as they are happy I am happy. This is them, my babies always. Shannon and Michael. Shannon is 5"8 and growing everyday and Michael is 6"1 and the same with him.. And I am 5"1.. These kids are bigger then me. And growing like weeds.
And here is my wonderful husband and I on our sunny 70 degree wedding That was very unusual for Feb. 27th. More like 30 degrees is like it. But I got lucky in more ways then one that day :)
Well I guess this is good enough. Ya think?
Here you can see all my other creations I made here on the web.Enjoy