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Copyright 2000 Paul Nathanael Berland

Cold DOS In Effect

Cold DOS in effect gonna wreck your perspective with the selective mess from the collective mind cell gonna ring a new thing from Ma Bell to DOS Central you never heard this because itís physically mental catalog the eventual sentinel on the verbal like gerbils on a treadmill got medical head pills to keep the sweep from going way down deep let me know when you want a new flow Iíll reset the show and topple the domino that will fall into place all over the space and switch the cross stitch with something twice as rich like limos primo in stereo accidentally bellow something unmellow and hello to the chorus of voices that say Hell no to a style that is beyond wild like a child walk a mile and dial a secondary setting that will get you a feeling for wack cross-sections of ceiling but Iím not like that psycho neurosis format put Moses on the cut and strike the focus into lotus meditation.



Barely awake like a flake of cake I bake in a lake of mysterious mistakes like entropy versus negentropy the mental feed is like origami theyíll need an army to find me because thereís nothing there just some hair and a blank stare that filters the fare with scrupulous care a prism mechanism selling invisible wisdom thatís foolish to the system because it isnít within them the risen prism youíre in prison till you listen to what your missiní in this vision that you deride with derision the fruition of humanity to be candidly one family no anomaly except anomaly yeah now you see itís powerfully about unity not this lunacy of projection by oneís own election left in a section of the sentient invention in detention separated checkmated is this the fate thatís slated naw thatís dated youíve waited and waited now donít play dead because youíre way ahead so play ahead youíve got all day to pray in your own way dread and un-dread all one hundred self-righteous Mildreds who are still kids with no skill in their heads just skillets and beds and bullets and meds.





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 For all Eternity



On Repugnance

It seems that in this day we look at the past with repugnance and say, ďI would never have done thatĒ such as:

---  Kicking the Indians out of America

---  Slavery

---  Sacrificing at the altar, especially animals

---  Most wars (except those for the greater good such as the Civil War possibly and American involvement in World War II)

Why are we morally superior?  It is our very forefathers.  My fathers were from Russia, Ireland.  Certainly ďsuperiorĒ is a wrong word something like ďdifferentĒ is probably more accurate.  And still we, unlike our predecessors,:

---  Slaughter millions of livestock

---  Create massive amounts of garbage

---  Spend a lot of time passive

---  Build powerful machines to control others

Still it seems that all the sins of past and present can be avoided in the future.  The things we should really spend our efforts on are:

---  Love <- Respect <- Trust <- Friendship <- Active Involvement

---  Music <- Language <- Truth <- Open Mind

---  Dermatology and other relevant Sciences

---  Dance <- Happiness


Spontaneous Octavius

What Spontaneous Octavius irradiated and dated last February in the canary dairy section inspection sour with pour good for only one hour while the faithful Devil showers the Earth with his twisted mirth --- is this the savior flavor for Spontaneous Octavius?

No, Like Castro I resist but my fist has turned to mist because Iíve missed the wisdom that whiz alums have given and now Iím driven into the ground by a wolf hound who makes no sound as I lounge writing the scrounge that hounds my mind hoping to find amidst the coffee grinds a sign that Iím on Godís TV set I regret I canít get up yet at the casino of minds Iím deeply in debt.

At the casino of minds trying to unwind each othersí minds to find the bind that keeps everything else in line as I rhyme on time to the whine of mechanical toys like animal boys playing with radical toys I enjoy the feeling of unpeeling the ceiling over my head let the rain in Iím straininí to be gaininí the main line to the grapevine that is shaped by the most high as I toast I as my alibi to not be spontaneous although still Octavius?

Ridiculous!  Quite perilous to query this or heíll be furious with this spurious miscellaneous spontaneous ridiculous material that sells cereal to the surreal and the middle school I donít fiddle fool I just spin a little bull into a desert storm which proves my point that itís okay to be spontaneous but when people need you to be reliable youíve got to be there for them and if you donít youíre betting on Godís mercy like the randomize button in asteroids turning up voids no where near the Rolls Royce with a God that yells ďChoice!Ē  on my feet to find the voice that yelled choice to tell him no more choice and my choice is not made cuz Iím like raid to your system like blisters that glisten I donít charge admission just stop your fishin cuz Iím only dishin out what I can do which is nothing cuz Iím a plaything not a Gay thing irradiating the imitators of the Devil whoíll level your hovel unless you grovel so I shovel another dirt full of commercial bird bull to detour the whole crew who are watching me so Iím paranoid like the asteroid has been deployed and I strain to hear the noise to tell me as I yell choice at God he yells the same back at me so Iím free to be silly willy if the unbareable marauders roam the Earth now was that part of Godís plan?  Who knows; will we ever understand?


Text Box: The Purpose of Life
The purpose of life
Is not to stick a knife
In someoneís back
Or try to attack
Anyone at all
They will be judged
By Almighty God
And assorted lesser spirits
Who gamble with each other
Quit talking nonsense you are in control
You have not sold your soul 
unless youíre really a troll
I really donít know
I control my life
Until I stick a knife
In my spirit resumť
Do I need to serve it on a tray
Your control is only temporary
While you still are not a canary
Old and contrary the whole world over
Waiting for the last people
to finish their dreams
So they can rip the seams
on reality 
On the other hand itís not that bad
To just let go Hell no say I


The Fern thatís Green


Check the dialect is it checked or is it totally wrecked let me direct your inspection to the left the speck of focus is hocus pocus the magic tragic that rages in traffic thatís classic donít bet youíll get me to shut up as I rant a font of disposable garbage far less than the Loch Ness Monsterís breath shall we say death cuz youíre in trepidation as we instantiate the eradication on a station labeled vacation station is that your ration or are you rational and require a fashionable casual tuxedo for you to wear I donít care if you look stupid Iím a true kid I see beneath your sheen and discern a learning fern thatís green and burnt as you ought to have become after the fire of iniquity wicked victory that has the great one struggling to eliminate the spate of dated crates of baggage that you hold on as you press on regardless because youíre for this precipice to disappear as we reappear in the sphere holding on to our beer whatís there to fear now that weíre here at home in the dome of our skull that empty hull that houses the spirit donít fear it itíll guide you as Iíve tried to confide to you itís the things I believe but donít believe me believe yourself and what you know donít have far to go letís go row the boat to foreign shore where thereís more to bore your core after you delight in the sight of the light with might you bring the night to the day some day youíll sit in the gray twilight as you fight the darkness mark my wordage thereís verbiage that I havenít even begun to elaborate thatís

Fate itís never over until itís too late itís Godís business letís set here and mind our own sphere as we steer into the gloom at full zoom throttle as the beer in the bottle is refilled from the still donít let none of it spill weíll grill the riddle on the plate of acid thatís placid as it advances the marker to the next park place as we walk down Boardwalk to talk about the walk after the stalk of beans has fallen clean and I feel too mean to be seen by the casual human bean as we fend for ourselves in the light of vision as Iím wishin to be itchin for vision I donít need more vision I need true love like an elixir to mix my blend trickier what you sit like couch potato felines and beer chugging swines what kinds of ideas you gonna keep as you forget everything so forget everything chocolate chips immediately followed by soda tastes wonderful Blunderbuss les be jus got no cuss to make me illustrious jus who you cuss you mus be Dus you ainít got no --- trillionaire!  You bes beware!  Iíll light your hair Furknuckle Oligarch dreaded stare!  You fare quite rare in your lair ha cooked rare you feel okay I bet you say hell no okay you want to trade ha ha no way Sam I am just gray as hay well hell you say I gotta blow away I am not okay I fell out way out over the bay into the soup I droop like poop and fell in a coop witch chicken George loop you snoop Iíll chop your head like chopsticks chopping into chopped liver Iíll be the giver of a whole F-in river I deliver a tribute of no ill repute Iíll refute your --- shoot Iím looping into soup Iíll suit your cahoots with grand bean statue that is blue like goo Iíll bust you whole zoo you groo F you.



Pruneís List

  1. Stop destruction of nature (if you take you must replenish)
  2. Stop inhumane treatment of animals
  3. Eliminate advertising
  4. Alternative energy funding
  5. Health care for all
  6. Redistribute the wealth
  7. Reinstall basic welfare



Impossible Plateau

Hey you with your stew Iíll commit your whole crew just step to the zoo or Iíll lock your ass up in a box with some cabbage while I go through your baggage and ravage the chili thatís really quite delicious not so vicious Iím just wishiní that youíd stop youíre derision cuz I have X-ray vision and Iíll lock you out you donít have to shout Iíll knock you right out you canít win this bout Iíve been down this route and youíre several feet taller than Iíll ever be and you launch greedily and Iím speedily receeding into recesses as the old man confesses Iíve learned lessons but Iíve missed one cuz Iím arrogant technically vagrant or whatever moreover the flower is farther down the path beyond my power as I gasp in the shower of cash and the hour goes by fast leaving towers of aghast interpreters in the past unseen underground forgotten and trashed as time progresses and lessons are forgotten and the mind turns rotten as the cotton is blottiní the last drips of blood from your cornea as hysteria tears through ya as I blow up I donít go up I just settle on the pedal and press forward with one more word to grow toward the kingdom of the pink  one who would think one would knowingly not care about there whole world when so much has been done and no one has fun except a couple drunk bums who sunk underneath the throw up cuz they could not grow up and lose their whole show to some glow from a goal that took over their soul as I drink from a bowl of iced mocha and choke ya till ya woke up cuz youíre toe up on the pavement trying to save yourself before Jesus as he breezes through the reasons that you give for your believing one thing or another told to you by your mother well take cover in this lesson donít be messiní with a whole legion without reason that is solid not just felt but logical by the logic of magic and love thatís not tragic that donít need a mechanic to man it until it gets ran into the sanitarium the aquarium of odd fish did God wish for mish mash in the head or on the bed all well fed now take a nap as I put a cap on the abominable crap that you thought was quite flat as you sat on your fat so much for that as I step on the slat thatís straight up and flat looking for the angle thatís intact in its unmangling of fact Iíll take the extract for the sake of the Black and enslaved folks all over the globe imprisonment is torture over months without end in a dead end pen thatís got crazy John and uncle Ben beyond the bend thereís a blend of subterranean trend towards the main complex where the accomplice is furnished with furniture for the comfort of the mental and physical spiritual invisible nobody knows what they really need ---

The seed finds no purchase as the feed gets worthless but I tried to unfurl this flag to the floundering flock that the shock of rock will rock your socks out that box itíll reroute your thoughts so youíll be all about moss instead of lost in space as you race to deface the remainder of good taste as we brace to embrace what is the same in a crazy game thatís no game cuz the same is unknown always changing rearranging and Iím laying out the truth on the smooth surface of paper in a silver flash hah you laugh well beware my staff Iíll cast a spell of teleportation as I man the station itís the Astral Prune shootiní for the moon takiní no vacation from imagination les be patient no more penchant for overacting synapse cracking as they stacking your own weapons on racks on their backs as they attack the helpless Iíve felt less melted than usual Iíll just peruse the spectacle and heckle the kettle as it boils away the spoils into hay and straw today with no law to stay the flow of blood turning gray in the mud on the ground as the flood makes no sound as the judge drops the clown into fiery pit without remorse that wonít quit but whose fault is that when the clown falls flat on purpose for no purpose except woe and death row mentality fatality the totality of hope that no pope could reverse and whatís worse I immerse in my own sorrow like I was trying to borrow someoneís barrel of good feelings that would be stealing let me just reel in my own role what role Iím a toll on the general well being of humanity so come clean and your vanity will be dispensed youíll be cleansed once you accept happiness that donít exist yeah right again I missed convicting myself and so my ego stays alive as I thrive off the vibe that emitted from my left and over to the right no vibe ainít right Iíve got to set right no I canít do that either Iíll go into seizure yeah right

As we close with a kiss I pose and you miss cuz I rose and slipped away as the day turns gray as a cat with gray fur that donít purr cuz heís sure heís suffering worse than us who are immersed in the world we have cursed and wish to be reimbursed for all the ice cream and you burst cuz youíre lower than the worst and I feel like Iím knocked from one false concept to another so why donít you settle in a nice strait jacket no need for movement the twilight of a plateau I donít know if I should go on to the plateau the impossible plateau no I canít go so I back track again and I donít know when but no one promised me serenity and my vanity complains as I take the reins and flush the salt from my veins in a possible hope that I will always cope with the rope that chokes when I grope up the slope see you later alligator you turn into Darth Vader in the scene after next donít you see youíve been hexed no choice but forward and there will be no more words beyond this final offer empty your coffer so you donít suffer and donít gamble unless the odds are good and youíre not made of wood made of wood made of wood made of wood.



Level F

Respect mos def level F for flavor do me a favor go wild, child, I smile at your outlandish style while all the while work piles up into the cup thereís never enough but somehow somehow we clear the rough and finish the stuff never finished just slightly diminished thatís fluff you think youíre tough well tough Iím a freak as I kiss your cheek and your neck what the heck Respect let me check dollar bills fill the coffer Iíd offer you a few but youíd become blue like Iím your daddy not a fatty but eating up the rice patty that took you forty years to build and now that itís filled I took my fill scoffed at the bill and took off for the hill where I live still alone and forgotten growing old and rotten have you forgotten I need something to do not just watch you as you improve your view by wishing for several weeks worth of new clothes so much for toes Iíll pose as a nose type person as youíre cursiní the person whose nose is visible like it isnít livable how else to whittle the time away as the slime fills the bay in the whine of a Cray as it cranks away.




The Meaning of Life

  1. The meaning of life is to satisfy the needs.
  2. It is difficult to distinguish between needs and desires without considering a large number of alternate modes of existence.
  3. Extinguishment of a need is possible, such as a multi-stage rocket.  Nevertheless, the effects on society can be bad in that other needs, perhaps in other people, spring up.
  4. Companionship, Respect, and Trust are needs.  Love involves creative sacrifice often, as well as a myriad of other crazy associations.


Quotes from Proverbs


ďThere is one whose rash words are like sword thrustsĒ

Proverbs 12:18

ďPride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.  It is better to be of a lowly spirit with the poor than to divide the spoil with the proud.Ē

Proverbs  16:18-19

ďLike a lame manís legs, which hang useless, is a proverb in the mouth of fools.Ē Proverbs 26:7

ďDo you see a man who is wise in his own eyes?  There is more hope for a fool than for him.Ē

Proverbs 26:12


The Poems of Sleep

I write epic important poems of the mind only to find they are not written on anything solid only God is the witness to the fitness of the poems written during sleep the ones I cannot keep I feel like Iím robbed all those beautiful rhymes lost in the caverns of dreams and always it seems like the stuff was important back to the war tent to dream some more insubstantial fluff because life is rough nothing is permanent on this firmament the Earth my home

Unaware of the Danger

I am crazy like a daisy no one pays me what I say stays free unless it burns up in fires like smoke justa joke while I soak in fumes from the bloke who resumes to choke the cigar smoke through the room never minding his doom like some damn cartoon Iím the mad Astral Prune no vacation from his station as the page fills with rage from the creation of information youíre the picture of frustration well tuck in your chin Iím on top of the station with the patient in elation as I aim in the same way not for pay I say no way Death be my soul mate as I press west to the toll gate and drop in a token of broken dreams spoken to Vulcans who donít know when a bird speaks to them softly like they lost me cuz I cost a fee well then donít boss me Iím going to wait at this rate who knows fate Iím nowhere near the gate of Paradise what did I do to lose the main glue must have been tricked into thinking I was licked and stuck my soul in a container labeled by a mysterious stranger unaware of the danger out of the blue demons grew and everyone flew they attacked the intact and even they flew so why not you as you watch every blotch in your eye a notch to avoid becoming paranoid --- Teacher Iíll impeach yer servants unless perchance you confess to the offense of Negativity because of your total Subjectivity to your pride now take a ride on distant mesas til you can face us.