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Write Whatever

Write.  What?  Write Whatever.  Right Whatever.


For the bold grass to grow

straight and narrow

you can bet

the ground must be wet

for the seed to sprout

there must be water about

and the people to get clean

it can easily be seen

that there must be lots of

pans and pots of

water from a lake

or you can take

water from the sky

when it falls from up high

for water is what we need

to plant a seed

or to get clean or grow grass

we need water en masse


Cannonballs of Packaged Sound

Sending you the words to hear

smashing through the atmosphere

chuckles to the rhythmic flow

ever onward can we go

further than the astronaut

deeper than a Castro plot

fatter than a batch of cookies

round like a cherry tomato

grasp the plan with both hands

and break the ground with leaden thumbs

crush the inside of the gelatin

Full of self like dog in motion

granola toothace heavy as water

Doctor Pinhead with extra mayo

Cataclysmic electric jello

minions of deadly numbing madness

Bringing justice like stale orange juice

Canned laughter hollow as acorns

Glimpse of the eternal mechanical scream



Deep dark tunnels underground

where a hum is the only sound

pipes and ducts make the ceiling a maze

soft gray light meets the gaze

that is where I can be found

in a daze wandering around

soft gray tunnels underground

maybe down there I'll meet my lover

rendezvous undercover

maybe I'll meet some other lurker

probably just a phys. plant worker

most likely I won't meet anyone at all

Just me and the sound of my footstep's fall

As I wander around at night

under the ever present soft gray light

so easy to wander when you're wired

can't seem to get those two eyes tired

and when at last I can't open my eyes keep

I'll go right hoom and fall asleep



Cast your eyes upon the sun

and blink away what's left of sleep

let the blotted images appear

from the web of written words

thousands of little bookmarks float

like streamers in a blowing wind

keeping sullen track of space

trapped amidst the wise men's books


Tapes & CDís

Rare sparkling jewels of beauty unsurpassed

Everlasting treasures carefully amassed

Tiny etchings in metal built well to last

my collection of tapes & CD's filled with songs from the past


All poems. drawings, and writings here are copyright 1995 paul nathanael berland