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Whatever Astral Prune's Music Page





The best of Astral Prune music was originally available for free first on Lycos, then on MP3.COM, and then on ILike, and then I made my own web site to provide the free music but it was seldom used so I took it down. This is not surprising to me because there really is a lot of really great music out there! You can still download a lot of cool tracks from Environment Matters Whatever page or also on Soundcloud.

I would like to give thanks to the following DJ's and artists:

Fast Eddie and the Incredible MD

Mr Lee

KA Posse

Mike Hitman Wilson

N. Jones and E. Smith

Bob Marley

White Knight

Josh Werner

Lavie the Raven

Dozens of Unknown Artists Everywhere



Bad Boy Bill

Caffeine, Pump Boy Lee, Josh R

Andre Hatchet

Little John

Psycho Bitch

Jevon Jackson

Terry Mullan

Delta Nine

Nickey Fingers

The Germ

Grateful Dead

Led Zeppelin

Jimi Hendrix

Sonic Youth

Spacemen 3

Public Enemy

Eric B and Rakim

String Cheese Incident

The Doors

Led Zeppelin


And now a rant about the music I've made: countless of tracks created between 1997 and 2003 some of which will eventually be re-released when I find the time and energy. Martian Pluggers Remembered (2006) was a good ambient background album and Best of Astral Prune 1997-2003 (2009) both albums available for sale at CDBaby. Best of contains tracks from Mind Theater (2003) with the tracks Martian Plugger, Byzantine Bronze, and the loud Get Out, Dim Beat (2002) included Painting the Wall (downbeat) and Mess Express (hard core ambient if you will). Back 2 Back Astral Tracks (2001) totally crazed album featuring Computer War (dazzling) Acid Cupcake (downbeat) and Ambient Dance in Space (ambient) all WERE available for free on MP3.COM until they sold out. The album before that, To the Moon (2000), featured Mercury Greensleaves (out of this world) and Sounds from the Darkness (ambient). Before that, there was Acid Reservoir (originally released on tape in 1999 on the Digital Intersect label - although this release was flawed because of bad recording technique), Re-Release #2 in CD format (2002) features Astral Prune Acid, Sunlight, Mad Pirate, and an appearance from Brooke the Downtown DJ followed by a supernatural track. The true core of this album is a long acid trance comprised of Acid Reservoir and Row Row Your Acid House Boat '99. There are also some tracks from Whizdumb (1999) worth mentioning such as Percussive Slamdown (innovative electronic percussion) and Dressed in Gray. Crocodile Dream (1998) has originality and character and a lot of psychedelic keyboarding. This album featured Normal Craziness I-IV. Before Crocodile Dream was another experiment called Devil's Computer (1998) which had some decent tracks on the front side including Bubbling Acid and on the back side a portion of the 34 minutes of minimalistic acid that was the first recording I did with the MC303 (September 1997) Acid Awakening. Three years before that (April 1994), before a trip to the East Coast to visit old friends, I released 4 669's Acid Sky, Pan Pipe Disco, Faces Remix, and Ms Pacmans Trip to the Illinois PC and MIDI Databank BBS. They were very lively 669's, although most of them used borrowed samples that disqualify them for public distribution. Before that, in 1989, I first played house music out of my radio. To the horror of many a neighbor, I would play unending house mixes from my favorite DJ's, as I encourage everybody in their right minds to do as long as the neighbors aren't going to come kill you. I'm no longer selling my CD's directly: if you want to buy a CD go to the CD Baby site. You can always E-mail me at