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Astral Prune music was originally available for free first on Lycos, then on MP3.COM, and then on ILike and My Space. You can still find some on My Space and Sound Cloud. For awhile I had a site where people could get free music but nobody was really using it. Also, I have some CD's for sale but nobody is really buying them. It's not surprising because there's a lot of really good music out there.

I would like to give thanks to the following DJ's and artists:

Fast Eddie and the Incredible MD

Mr Lee

KA Posse

Mike Hitman Wilson

N. Jones and E. Smith

Bob Marley

White Knight

Josh Werner

Lavie the Raven

Dozens of Unknown Artists Everywhere



Bad Boy Bill

Caffeine, Pump Boy Lee, Josh R

Andre Hatchet

Little John

Psycho Bitch

Jevon Jackson

Terry Mullan

Delta Nine

Nickey Fingers

The Germ

Grateful Dead

Led Zeppelin

Jimi Hendrix

Sonic Youth

Spacemen 3

Public Enemy

Eric B and Rakim

String Cheese Incident

The Doors

Led Zeppelin