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Thanks to Brooke 2013 - 2014




Brooke the Downtown DJ

was a hook for found round key chains

A place of grace to place the key

Inside of you and me

and with this key we open doors

go more mores and get done chores

of real love and Reality

to set in with no malady

You press forward with one more word

to disperse the dirt of reckless dust

The dust that must clutter every ordinary life

we plod through the dust hanging on to a knife

in case the other dust dwellers attack

so we tell them politely f*** that

weíve got more important things to do

like shine robotic energy in the glitter zoo

a beacon of light for others to see

that plainly life is joyous and free

with birds and geese singing

about what they are thinking

and telling the world that we are not sinking

No we are not sinking

we were just thinking

cuz we need to get the thoughts right first

fairly clearly we are in charge

Telling others what is at large

Because we master our own fate

And itís getting late

to be trivial and trite and inconsequential

Making sense is important but not essential

Stay within the lines on the page

Because otherwise we can invoke Rage

Get the point across and move to the next one

And before you know it weíve lifted the hex numb

The numbing hex that left us for dead

is lifted and now we can spill our head

the thoughts upon the page where they belong

making up a crazy bewildering song

The song that donít stop it goes on and on

We keep on with it until breaking of dawn

That is the spirit of a restless soul

who is tired of drinking the old collective bowl

And needs to forge a new path away from here

Steering into the night with absolutely no fear

So we press forward with one more word

And then sing like the bird

Let our voice be heard it is not absurd

The pedal to the metal we avoid the blurb

The blurb is uncanny like some train of evil

Trying to derail us and leave us for feeble

But weíre better than that we can fly up high

And never come down out of the wretched sky

We donít need a single drug other than coffee

or tea or orange juice to lift us to the

place where they tell us the news

you have to feel it and believe it

whatever it is even if it means

a temporary mis-step because youíll

step for a while and then hear the

beat is off so youíll correct the

problem and let out a cough

or youíll be happy in your dying

Because you are still trying

and the beast canít bring you down

if you are valiantly fighting

we are sighting the mighty

but they seem feeble to the eye

trapped in sin and hatred yet they

cannot die we pass away from judgment

and focus on our self and we

go right ahead and climb on to a shelf

until we are needed by some little elf

Bring in the heavy dose Iím too close

to the basement I need clarity of

vision so stop your derision Iíll take

the spot of focus and expand and run

rivers through the sand let water create

life in places filled with strife

flowers and birds and beautiful words

to spring forth out of nothing because

mother nature is loving and she

loves her children like every mother

on this planet the gracious beings of

nature that nurture their young

and sacrifice their fun for the

love of the universe who gives

birth to the cosmos and all its

glory and ever changing story of

love and happiness that we hear

some times when it sometimes

rhymes and other times just

tweets the dazzling feats of

those people who did well in their

quests that they tell for their

worth is without question so stop

messiní with the legion of Doom

and step in the room of the

higher one who has fun from

day one on his never ending

quest to bring harmony to the

West and the East North and South

as long as we have a mouth

to speak our troubles to the ears

who hear the strife and bring life

to defeat the evil ones with the

plunder and never do I wonder

any more about their badness itís

just part of the plan and

we just disband the clan of

disbelievers and underachievers

and go for more because there

is more in store Ė always Ė if we

are strong enough to lift it

and then sift it for clarity

cuz we need the charity of others

to feel good enough to stand on

our two feet otherwise we fall on

our seat and canít move a muscle

well Ė bam! Get you moviní if you feel

it youíre grooviní if not you need help

so give a small yelp

and someone will help you unless youíre

all out of chances and youíve done all

your dances then you must simply

wait and suffer your plate until you

can take it no more then go to Godís

door and plead with him for help

and your yelp could be answered if

youíve been faithful and a good dancer

I hope you survive and that we all

thrive for we need to exist to

be part of the wish we are not just

fish we are human beings with desires

that add to the fires that light the

night sky and we all wonder why

but stop your wondering and plundering

and be humble and bumble along cuz

you are part of the song you are

the point of the song and I might

rejoice before long if youíve

been moved to a strong position

of faith cuz we need grace and

love everywhere so donít be scared

and inflate the spirit that would

be great weíre all on this Plate.



Fiddle the fable and put more food

on the table cuz we eat what

we need and we need more of

that feed the delicious dose of
comatose good feeling that is

peeling off the walls quite

lethargically quite partially

incorrect yet handsome off

the deck a groove of diamonds

a platter of ricochet a denizen
of the dark that busted out of
the park and rented our ear drums

to make problems into sugar plums

so we can eat off the table

a dose of good fable quite
delicious not vicious just smooth

and too rude letís shine the
colors of the rainbow in space

such good grace this is the place

of good feeling can you reach the ceiling

probably can after that last jam

exploded all over the place a

taste of the bass in your face

in deep outer space on Earth

the home of our birth where

we were born and then adorned

our life with amusement from

the fuse of a bomb we took out

the bad stuff and packed goodness

into the package get rid of the

slackage weíre working for this

we work hard to bring forth

the fruits of good feeling

so we can keep on peeling

off the ceiling and wander

into caverns of hope where

the pope tried to lead us but

he could not feed us so we

fed ourselves from the shelves

of the cosmos we took raw

posts on the radios and later yo

we devoured it and powered it

with electricity from the city

and itís a pity that nuclear waste

was created so we could be sated

but weíll fix that later after the

cross fader is done fading our

amazing mixes of energy let the synergy

of respect dress the deck with power

cuz it is no flower without love weíve

gotta pack the floor with the dove

and the donkey and the hare cuz

theyíre all in there dancing together

whatever the weather one house

one unity with no impunity whatever

that means donít stress your beans in

your head letís just shed the lead

from our feet and go dancing or

prancing or pacing just moving for

now til you get that feeling and then

you can go peeling off the ceiling when

that dose hits of good feeling from

where you can get it the dove and the

hare theyíre all in there if you can

get in there to share the good feeling

letís all care for everyone cuz we

all want to have fun under the sun

and the moon at high dusk or high noon

just press the beat into the speaker

donít be weaker unless you have to

then take a bath of good feeling

if you can afford it youíll be reeling

Trying to escape Boris his minions are upon us

theyíre setting out nets to get ourselves caught

they want to take away our life with things

that theyíve bought and they are not friendly

so when we ask for more spirit we will

try not to fear it when they crash into

our heads with their cops and their feds

intent on destruction of our spirit

so we wear it with trepidation there

is no vacation from imagination

we must press forward with one more word

and one more step we have the pep

we just need to get more in line with

the tune of the cosmos that winds

quite ethereal through the background

making its joyous eternal sound that

can barely be found with conscious

thought and cannot be bought we must

constantly earn it and only if we

yearn it will we learn it and churn

it out of our speakers with what energy we

have left since we were left bereft

of our joy by the mechanical toys

that barrage our senses and tear down

our fences so we build them back up

and donít stop for sup unless weíre

famished and starved then we carve

our food with our forks and open

bottles of their corks and down the

good wine that we can always find

at the neighborhood liquor store where

there is more spirit to be had so we

should be glad that we can partake

in this mad outpouring of sensation

so share in the elation of our amazing

journey through the beautiful planes of

existence that we are feeling with our

presence of everything that went hence

through our garden and hedges we

place wedges in the firmament of

the uncaring brick wall between

love and people cuz we need to

feel cool in the realm of the

real bull that weíre living in forever

cuz we are always so clever to

invent another passage to add to

the message of verse that we are immersed in




The dignity and respect for all

human beings cannot be allowed

to lapse or we no longer are truly

civilized . . . yet these demons

have been around since the 80ís.

We create reality

And it spanks us

Then you fly up through the trap

door and escape

And He gets a little mad but we

gotta find a way to live properly

in other words donít get trapped in

bad emotions unless it is a real

struggle that you were meant to

go through so you find ways to

feel better and hope that it is not

wrong in the lordís eyes.

Hell yeah

Take it from me

The Human Race

Is totally free

To embark upon

Crazy missions

with dubious


It's all on us

and we can cuss

our own srupid thoughts

cuz its us who ought

to think about all

living creatures

big and small


whatever the


we've got to

press forward

with one

more word

and open the doors

for more

amorous mores

It's all up to us

to guide the


Let's steer it


And not end

up dead

Okay guys?