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1.       Every producer of meat products must by law ensure that their livestock:

A.      Has lived at least 1 year in maturity.

B.      Has been able to live and forage in an area of land that is of their habitat with ample room for running and grazing and exploration.

C.      Has not been fed antibiotics unless sick.

D.      Has never been confined in a feeding apparatus.

E.       Has never been confined to a small area for more than 12 hours unless necessary because of weather conditions.

F.       Has had other animals of its kind to associate with.

G.      Has lived in a healthy environment.

(Note this will obviously raise costs. The higher costs will be passed to the consumer. Non-meat products will become more common and cost-effective as a choice. Those with metabolisms that require meat diets will be given extra food cash assistance.)

2.       It is unlawful to chop down forests or disturb existing eco-systems (that are necessary for a healthy eco-system and environment) for the purposes of creating grazing land and/or land for food livestock.

3.       Monocultural agricultural practices that are destructive to a landís soil and that require inorganic pesticides are illegal.

4.       Tampering with genetic DNA for agricultural and/or livestock products is illegal. (This is risking collapse of the existing eco-system.)

5.       No new vehicles may be designed or built that use fossil fuels. Airplanes and rockets and other air and space craft that use fossil fuels are illegal.

6.       All forms of nuclear fission power and nuclear weapons are illegal.

7.       Hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is illegal.

8.       Plastic bags and plastic packaging are illegal. (Packaging should be biodegradable.)

9.       Drift nets that entangle whales and dolphins are illegal.

10.   It is illegal to knowingly endanger endangered species.

11.   It is illegal to knowingly make sounds that are harmful to animals or humans.

12.   It is illegal to dump toxic chemicals into water ways.

13.   It is illegal to deliberately misinform the public.

14.   It is illegal to drill for oil underneath bodies of water or ice.

15.   It is illegal to break treaties that were formed with any party without consent of both parties.

16.   It is illegal for a president to make an executive order that conflicts with any of these laws.

17.   It is illegal to build new fossil fuel pipelines. (Fossil fuels should be phased out as much as possible. That which is needed should go in existing infrastructure or by vehicle.)

18.   It is illegal to extract oil or natural gas from tar sands or shale deposits using means that destroy the land and living things on the surface of the land and that consume lots of water.

19.   Fossil fuel companies cannot be subsidized any more than renewable energy companies.

20.   It is illegal to sell plastic disposable water bottles in public parks. (Water should be made available in reusable non-disposable containers.)

21.   It will not be illegal to consume alcohol or other drugs in public places as long as no nuisance is created and the consumer cleans up after themselves.

22.   It will not be illegal to urinate or defecate in a grassy area as long as defecations are buried and the area is not already heavily saturated.

23.   When entering a wild natural area, it is illegal to leave it with more of your trash than it had when you arrived there.

24.   All company profits must be shared equally among its employees.

25.   No one personís salary can be more than 5 times anybody elseís in the company.

26.   It is illegal to sue a country, company, or group of people for loss of profit when that country, company, or group of people is only trying to protect natural resources or property that is being infringed upon by the party that is claiming loss of profit.

27.   It is illegal to give money as a gift or donation or to a political campaign to any person who has any political power to make decisions unless that person needs that money to survive for basic necessities that they would be otherwise deprived of, and only if that person has not spent their own money on lots of non-personal-necessities.

28.   It is illegal for a company or legislative body to make rules or laws that discriminate based on race, sex, religious, or sexual preference. Religions that are obviously fake are not included.

29.   It is illegal for a company or legislative body to make rules or laws that restrict access to contraceptives, birth control, or abortion services.

30.   It is illegal for a couple to have more than 2 living children, although this law may change if population size begins to decrease below the true carrying capacity of the planet and civilization.

31.   It is illegal for law enforcement officers not to be prosecuted for cold blooded murder of unarmed people or people who have not drawn any weapons.

32.   It will be illegal to sentence somebody to more than 3 months of jail for a drug-related offense or a political offense or a protest offense. If somebody was harmed during this offense, the punishment must be no more severe than the regular punishment for the offense.

33.   It is illegal to discriminate based on past criminal record for employment or public benefits.

34.   It is illegal to outlaw specific people from public places or establishments.