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Blueprint for a Democratic Government

Astral Prune






1. Food, water, clothing, shelter, health care, and education will be provided to all people who live in our country.

2. All domestic and food animals must be treated humanely: no restrictive cages, no CAFO's, and no antibiotics when the animals are already healthy. They all will be provided with food, humane shelter, and adequate land to live with happiness.

3. An end to destructive agricultural practices such as monoculture, inorganic pesticides, and GMO's.

4. It will be illegal to own private property by which a profit is being made.

5. No law can be passed without an overwhelming majority (2/3) of all people in the country's agreement. People will be allowed to vote over a period of at least 3 months. Voting places will be open for at least 3 months for any proposed legislation.

6. Methods of living or producing goods that are not sustainable (ie. cause a one-way consumption of natural resources, or with no plan to achieve 100% sustainability that is not furthered by the method) must be phased out as soon as possible, in order that the human species can survive without undue catastrophe, in accordance with the majority (2/3) of the scientific community.

7. Forces of violence (ie. police, military) must not be used in an aggressive manner of coercion upon any other countries. Military will only act in self-defense of the country or of the planet. When determining interest of the planet, only an International committee with fully democratically appointed officials (ie. officials who have been voted for by 2/3 of the citizens of each specific country) can make this determination and 2/3 of the countries represented by the officials in this International committee must be in agreement. The International committee must have democratically appointed officials from at least 90% of the countries of the planet.

8. Discrimination based on age, gender, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation will be prohibited in all areas of life except for personal choices of association. Police officials who practice discrimination will be subject to trial by jury and if found guilty will be terminated from their posts. If a police official commits a murder that is found to be clearly not in self-defense or in protection of others, they will be subject to manslaughter charges.

9. The Internet must remain uncensored and public in order for true democracy to exist in our country.

10. Every university must be allowed to have its own television channel that will be fully optionally accessible and free to all television owners who can afford the necessary technological equipment (cable box). Television must not be controlled by a small number of private corporations. It will be illegal for private corporations (or any corporations that owns these corporations) to own more than three television channels.

11. Every group of people will have their own representative and every group of representatives will have their representative, and so on, up until the ruling representative committee. If at any time the representative is not accurately representing the people they are supposed to be representing, they can immediately be voted out of representing by a 2/3 vote. The ability to call a vote at any time will be made available to a minimum of no more than 3 people, within their representative group, but they may have to cover the cost of holding the vote, which will not be prohibitively high and will just be enough to cover the technical expenses. The ruling representative committee will be able to decide on what legislation that the whole country will vote on.