About God, Possibly Wrong, 2013-2018





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God understands our desires, our motivations, and our dreams. Yet a lot of the world currently doesn't even acknowledge that he exists. Since Science took over in the 1600’s, people have placed their trust that a mindless evolutionary process is sculpting these beautiful animals that live on the Earth. They think that millions of years of random mutations works like a genetic engineer developing new organs and miraculous biotechnical miracles. How long would it take for monkeys on a typewriter to write Shakespeare? You think single cell nuclei are imagining ears when they formed together to make ears? God works primarily through love, but not the pale parody of love we see in Hollywood on our TV sets. On the TV a guy rolls over and wonders whether he loves the girl after they’ve already kissed and slept together. The “love interest” in a movie is usually uncomplicated, overly sexual, and proceeds quickly after only a few hours. This is not true love. True love is something from the heart that takes many weeks and months to form. In our society of abundant divorce, it is only too clear that the typical modern lover only has a faint grasp of what true, lasting, and nurturing love is really about. Only by practicing love in an honest and authentic way can real love be achieved. God makes love possible in the first place. We need to thank God. Also, what is love without respect and trust? Respect and trust are the carrier stones of real love. Respect is tricky because in this modern world so many people are robbed of all respect, self-respect, and respect for God and God’s creations. Respect God because God is good. God is the primary and most good person there is. God sometimes loses patience with our conceited boastful ways where we reward ourselves to the exclusion of others because we get convinced we are better than someone else. We are all brothers and sisters under God. Pride is ugly. We give big fat material objects as trophies to those who have accomplished some deed but it will be God who will look down on the discarded material trophy in the trash dump long after you are gone. Mankind is always taking material objects and vandalizing them for some particular purpose without regard for others who may need that material sometime in the future. For example, we are sucking the Earth dry of oil. There will be no oil left soon. But nothing is being done about that. That is not how you respect the Earth. The Earth is our home and we with our hands are the caretakers. Those who continue to drill oil today are raping the planet. If we had more real love and respect as commonplace this would not be happening. Or Christmas. Many of us chop down a living creature – a tree – producing oxygen so that we can breathe and producing shelter for woodland creatures. Chopped down for one day of glory. Covered with energy consuming lights and decorations. Is this a way to respect God’s trees? God’s trees are beautiful living creatures that should not be consumed in this way. This is not respectful of life or energy. People laugh because they think there’s no point to this but they are missing their own error. They are disrespecting God and God’s creations and tempting God’s wrath. A bad luck occurrence could have been a punishment. But more than that, it is ignoring the intrinsic value of life. God gave life to those trees only to be taken away en masse for some ritualistic observance. God wants us to respect each other, respect the Earth, and work together, united. We are much more powerful and functional when we are doing the right thing not the wrong thing. When you do something that is right, you may or may not notice that your spirit has been rewarded. But above all, do not place yourself above others when God is the judge, not you. Do your best and be content that you did your best and that everyone is truly trying. I see so many people ignorant of the ways of God, making fun of others, laughing cruelly, and conspiring against weaker individuals. Then you see these same people finding themselves with low paying, dead end jobs, or spiritless, soulless existences, or in general unhappiness that they don’t realize that they themselves have created. You have to stay positive and create positive energy and don’t try to create things with negative energy. Also, other people treat people who act positively much more favorably and with more love. Lots of people can tear something down but few can build something up that actually improves the situation. It is silly for people to argue that there is no God – the world would not be here without a creator and one who guides the processes of life according to divine justice. Can you imagine a race of people living in a small area for thousands of years? Could they live without God? Perhaps you do not realize the nature of spirit – we all have souls – our spirits – and these are all in connection and connected to God. If God was not there, our ability to create new things would truly be nothing more than “decayed sense” whereas in actuality some creativity is driven by spirits and God. Have you not delved deeply into the art of creation? Have you never noticed that how hard you try, you cannot make something that is 100% random or meaningless? Everything is inspired by experience and thought processes and some thought processes originate externally. God is working through us to create this world in a positive way – we are working together to build this world. Let us also not forget about the Devil who is a trickster and is always trying to trick us into doing something bad. He cannot prosper as long as there are enough people in the world to resist his temptations, taunts, and manipulations. We all have the right to pursuit of happiness but only as long as it pleases God; otherwise he may be moved to punish or teach a lesson. When you have changed all your ways to do only good then everything will flow forth naturally and you will be surprised. True you can do small things to improve your luck but the biggest thing you can do to improve your luck is to understand God and see what he is up to in this world. He does not think that brother and sister are naturally quarrelsome like they show on TV. Brother and sister are naturally loving and supportive. People are not naturally lazy like you see on so many stupid sit coms. God loves us and he is the most patient person you will ever meet. He patiently guides us through our challenges, our mistakes, and our triumphs. He has so many sub-plots in his head that he is completely unimaginable by the human mind. Yet we can readily see his works and his signs in this world. Of course he speaks every language and consoles many, if not all, lost children. God is the greatest thing there is yet some people don’t seem to even think about him. Would God be happy with the constant littering out car windows and meanness exhibited by so many people? People don’t even think about it. They don’t think about how God is about love, towards potentially everything, and that means that love is essential to everything. How can the factory plant owner pay everyone minimum wage and go home with good conscience making millions of dollars? Isn’t this just asking for God to slap you? Actually what will happen is that you would become controlled by demons and eventually become a pawn of evil. The only way to resist is to do good things – balance the money more equally among all the workers and bosses; make sure everyone in your company is taken care of. Good people help other good people too and this is another reason to be good. But God is the best of all and people don’t give God proper props. People this day and age are still struggling with whether they even believe in God, and they become proud with themselves when they finally catch a glimpse of the truth of God, but they immediately act rude and uncivilized even when they believe in God. It is not enough to just believe in God – you have to trust in God; you have to respect God. If you do not do this, why should God help you? God is the coolest person there is and don’t think for a second that God is a bad person. The Goddess might also be a cool person and might deserve proper props. God loves us. He wants us to thrive. But he wants us to be good people and follow good rules. How could it be otherwise? Is this not what was said, in essence, in the Bible and the Quran? People hold on to God and have faith. We need to help each other and love each other before it is too late. Already the meeting places are becoming empty and the help is running thin. We’ve got to turn the tide if humanity is going to survive. God wants us to survive but also to take care of the entire planet and to live in sustainable harmony. The only way to achieve that goal is to work together, be and do good, and to trust and respect God.