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A plan to save the world 2018

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 A plan to save the world 2018

by PNB, an Astral Prune

A plan to save the world, for God and the government to read

  • 1. Polar Ice Caps Melting Problem – 3 Year Time Frame and Global Warming Problem
    If the polar ice caps completely melt, the planet will lose its air conditioning and the surface of the planet will become unlivable.
    A. Immediate End of Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Expansion.
    Moratorium on all new fossil fuel projects. This will drive gas prices up, potentially, which will result in car companies to make more electric vehicles as more economical.
    B. Ban on Fracking going forward. We need to go to electric heaters. We are going to need to generate money at the government level to subsidize homes for this conversion. See below for how money is raised for this effort.
    C. End all fossil fuel subsidies. See also point A above. This will also keep revenue for the government for more responsible projects.
    D. Build up solar panel farms and wind farms. See below for how money is raised for this effort. This will also be a big boost for the economy creating many jobs for this conversion.
    E. There are potential research projects that could be started such as a “blanket in the atmosphere” above the arctic to try to keep it cooler and preserve the ice.
    F. Eliminate all usage of airplanes. Airplanes should be illegal because of fossil fuel usage. People who need to travel should return to sea travel and ground travel. People need to stop trying to have such a fast-paced economy and such immediate access to remote parts of the world.
    G. Electric cars need to be made more affordable by car companies and fossil fuel cars phased out completely. This will require honest price negotiations with car companies and possible subsidies from the government. This will also require re-education programs on TV that show that global warming is real, the polar ice caps are melting and that fossil fuel companies have long been keeping us in the dark but the danger is very real and people must immediately stop buying gas cars. Car companies must be outlawed from building gas powered cars in future year models.
    H. After 1 year of all above measures implemented, assess what our progress is and if we have to completely eliminate all usage of gasoline cars and other fossil fuel powered instruments to prevent this catastrophe.
    I. Implement also carbon capture methods.
    J. All restaurants must have vegan dishes - this is mandatory
    K. Regular propaganda showing the link between meat eating and global warming in order to change this culture

  • 2. Pacific Ocean become irradiated by Japan Nuclear Power Plants This is an extremely difficult problem to address. We are hoping God can have some concrete solutions for this problem. Otherwise we are in deep trouble. This is something that we cannot easily fix. We need to talk to God and see if he can help us on this.
    A. Possible oceans will have to be completely off limits. This would be a catastrophe but humans could possibly still survive with non-sea water?

  • 3. Acidification of oceans and coral reefs
    This is a serious problem too. This is caused by an increased level of CO2 in the atmosphere. However, if we reduce our fossil fuel usages (see #1 above), this will begin to be addressed.

  • 4. Monocultural agricultural practices need to stop
    We need to return to responsible agricultural practices. This must be mandated from the government. This may also require money – see below for how the government can generate money.

  • 5. Animal torture and meat consumption
    Animals must no longer be tortured. No CAFO’s or confined living quarters for food animals. Meat prices should be expected to be much greater and so society will have to live with the fact that meat is a luxury item with a high price tag and not something so readily available.
    TV re-education programs MUST be instituted to re-teach people that eating meat is actually a great evil that they take for granted.
    People will begin to respect animals and the Earth more and no more rain forests chopped down (for grazing land) period.

  • 6. Suburban spaces need to broken up with more stores and coffeehouses and community centers for people to congregate at a minimum of one every half mile. This is a necessity for healthy communities. Again, grants from the government should be provided. See below for how the government gets this money.

  • 7. TV programs must be completely reviewed beforehand. If they are showing content without moral value, such as deemed by appropriate credentialized moral authorities in contact with God, then they must be banned. We absolutely must reduce the amount of sex and violence and disrespect and scenes of murder and scenes of gruesome horror and scenes of vicarious evil. We will need God’s help, or some official alien presence, along with human church pastors or church authorities that are recognized as free from scandal and widely recognized as having moral standing to establish credentialized moral authorities.
    It might be better to remove stories from TV altogether. Just show images of nature, real news, and photographs and stuff like that to get people to stop wasting their lives just watching TV. For people who are terminally ill who can do nothing else but watch TV then they should watch movies. Movies should not be shown on TV at all. They should only be available from stores or rentals. Some exceptions may exist in institutionalized settings.

  • 8. Immediate shutdown and outlawing of all nuclear fission power plants. The accumulation of nuclear waste and the danger of contamination is too great.

  • 9. Institution of socialism instead of capitalism. This will provide the funds for all the above projects directly from the government and everyone to be provided with a real living wage and adequate health care from a single payee – the government, such as Canada. This also includes such things as not allowing people to profit off of private property and outlawing the oppression/abuse of workers.

  • 10. In order to institute #9 above, we need to remove the current government in power. This could be done in one of two ways:
    A. Immediate and sustained re-education via TV of the evil of money in politics, mainly Republicans but also Democrats who sell out to private interests, corporate lobbyists, and such, and show that if people want to have the world survive, we MUST elect progressive candidates that are clearly spelled out and that are on board of all points in this survival document.
    B. It may become necessary for a formal announcement that God and/or benign aliens are here to guide us on this revival of the planet in order for a non-progressive government to step down so that we can implement this plan.

  • 11. Application of this plan to all countries on Earth. This will probably require some major conferences between government leaders and having a new announcement of the Living God and/or benign aliens who are here to help us to carry out this plan for the survival of the Earth. This will also help to ease the paranoia that people have of some sort of over-arching illuminati and shed light on the real situation in the cosmos so that people can begin to trust again.

  • 12. Elimination of advertisement that uses manipulative language or images.

  • 13. Some form of official punishment or recognition that lying is bad. Those who lie should be disgraced and put to shame. Liars should be seen worse than other types of criminals. There is absolutely no honor in lying. Lying should never be done on television programs or any type of educational or recreational activity.
  • (last update: September 1, 2018)