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 Poems 2018

by PNB, an Astral Prune

The Earth is worth more than silver and gold

The Earth is worth more than silver and gold
Before it is all gone we need to grab hold
There is a lot more to life than you've been told
Stop going down that same old road
Enter the forest you enter the mother lode
Peace and tranquility enter the mind like a sweeping wind
You might be banned from this peace if you have too much sinned
This is the last remaining treasure as I have explained
If we all enter the forest at once it would be strained
For those in the deep city you must continue to wait
Constantly fighting off enemies and dealing with what is on your plate
Perhaps the deep forest is not in your fate
but your understanding is what I ask for at any rate
Largely free from manmade noise and violence is best
That way the mind and spirit can take a rest
What is progress but a consumption disease
Instead of doing right man does what he please
Forgot his original teachings as the Earth bleeds
An unnatural restlessness consumes and the frenzy feeds
How to escape the rat race trap
It will grind you down your strength it will sap
One day you may wake up and be broken
But by then too many words will have been spoken
Too many promises you will have already made
And no longer in good conscience can you trade
your livelihood and job for a peace of mind
Too late to unwind the spiral diamond mine
Uncaring leaders plague us like black death
They will not stop their destruction until their last breath
How can we unravel ourselves from their control
Only one way I know to preserve our soul
This is the first poem in 2018 by the Astral Prune
executed this day in the month of April, May, or June

(May 16, 2018)

This is the most blessed spot on Earth

This is the most blessed spot on Earth
That I have been searching for since birth
I wish you could see this spot right here
This is a spot in which I have no fear
A spot like this is worth a million million jewels
This is a spot that lives by simple rules
Such love swamps my being like water
I am a child looking for mother and father
I strain to listen to hear their sound
The call of beautiful birds is what I have found
A maniac world seems so far away
I have found some real peace today
I cannot tell you how many times
We have been describing our solutions in rhymes
The people laugh and smile and turn away
And I live to fight and play another day
The sound of birds and wind is so peaceful today
The shade from the trees and the breeze make me feel okay
Sounds of children playing not far away
And of course bird song so precious will not go away
I wish I could pray to God every day
And I am really anxious to hear what he will really say
I wish the Earth could find real harmony
Without violence and money and slavery
Will that day ever come to pass
How do we even begin to seek that glass
I wish I could just tell the whole world to slow down
But so many can't understand in this town
Can we at least begin to love each other
I mean everybody not just our blood brother
that means all animals and plants too
that's what I meant by love swamps when I said to you
Can those who do not see begin to see this joy
or will they just continue to see me as a boy?

(May 24, 2018)

To create something new requires original thought

To create something new requires original thought
This is something that cannot be bought
In our country we are chained to old structures
And there are laws every day to prevent new ruptures
These old structures however are not very old
They are the structures that please the people with gold
What is missing is to understand what is desired by God
And this thought many don't believe or find very odd
Because certainly what God intended has been written in books
But what the books don't say is what everyone overlooks
God spoke to me in my head one day
And told me that society has really run astray
He seemed quite angry and really dejected and down
I wonder if people have forgotten to listen in this town
And in this country and in the halls and in the meeting places too
People forgot how to listen to God it's true
Even though God can speak to thousands of people at once
They choose to listen to records and blunts
How can we repair the world that is broken
Shouldn't we first hear what our creator has spoken
The problem with books is they are two thousand years old
And don't teach us that the Earth is worth more than silver and gold
We steady rape the Earth to suit the needs of our masters
Earthly masters that teach us to go faster and faster
No one is teaching us about sustainability
Letting the Earthly masters get away with all kinds of villainry
Now nothing can fix the world except socialism or God
And billions of dollars have taught us socialism is odd
And God is quite angry and fed up and in dispair
Because people really don't seem to care
The only hope now is for everyone to get in the street
Every protest that comes up there I hope we will meet

(June 7, 2018)

One thing for sure, we gotta protect the Earth

One thing for sure, we gotta protect the Earth
This mother nature is the land of our birth
The water, the tree, the air, the plants
The insects, the animals, in their life long dance
We have nothing else to give our children but this
and now we must fight to keep it at great risk
don't take for granted that we will always have it
the corporations for profit just want to stab it
Now is the time we must fight to protect
it takes a lot of time and energy to give the Earth respect
And now we must fight we have no other choice
because in the courts of law animals have no voice
except for those who can stand up for their rights
Which are steadily destroyed by privileged Whites
We have to take a stand and stand up for what is right
and keep on fighting long into the dead of night
Let us become dancers in the dance of life
to keep life to preserve life to save life from the knife
the knife of the careless one the destroyers and thieves
if we can turn them around that's what the world needs
and then we can all live as one happy place
and that is what it will take to save the human race

(July 23, 2018)