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What the human race confronts today in the United States is a crisis. All forms of information and media and propaganda is reinforcing complete distrust in all sources of information. Indeed this is the exact opposite effect of what we were envisioning in the 1980's with the beginning of the "information age".

True we quickly became acquainted with the soon to become all too familiar experience of "sensory overload" or "information overload". The problem is, there is simply too much information. Information pours into us from signs, from video monitors, from thousands of conversations mimicking the behavior of actors on TV and movie sets, and not only that, we now have the phenomenon of "social media" that has completely engulfed the lives of our present generations.

In the 1980's we were celebrating the advent of the personal computer and envisioning an era of hyper-enlightened and hyper-educated masses with every sort of information available for the asking at their fingertips. Especially with the advent of the internet, it was clear that every form of information was going to be available to everyone in a way that has never before occurred in the history of the human species.

But the overload was not anticipated.

Especially with advertising and profit-motivated informational deluges, the very importance and meaning of information became dulled, overloaded, and inevitably people began to completely ignore and disregard all forms of information of an important character, unable to distinguish between information that is important and information that is unimportant. In fact, there is now so much information that people simply select the type of information they want to hear instead of the information they need to hear. You now have the phenomenon where two neighbors, living next door to each other, can be living in two completely different worlds with very little overlap.

Greedy and ambitious adventurers seized upon the opportunity to clamp down on the media and control all forms of common information dispersal for their own profit. Now we have just six corporations in control of all forms of media, and they bend and censor information according to their whims and political, profit-motivated ends.

Now we have a period where every bit of information is regarded with complete distrust, as if every piece of information is designed to sell us something, except for some outlets that are given less critical filtering such as "the News" because of the constant brainwashing and manipulations of six power-hungry corporate entities. The result is that things like science and spiritual wisdom are treated with complete disregard. This is not helped by the advent of stand-up comedy, the sale of shock value, and the attack on intellectualism that has been going for at least 40 years by the ridicule and grotesque portrayal of "nerds and geeks", as well as the usual sexism and racism that occur in every major media enterprise. Shows like the Simpsons, pretending to be harmless children entertainment, cartoons, reinforced a highly anti-intellectual and anti-work ethic attitude that has completely permeated the entire American culture. Now we have a situation where you can't even mention climate change in Florida and where every form of science is laughed at in favor of a mean selfishness and all-encompassing pleasure seeking sickness.

When a political activist or spiritual adviser has something important to say to people, it is now completely lost and tuned out and there is no longer a venue for serious, important information to be heard by the masses. It can no longer reach a widespread audience because the whole system of information has become overloaded and short-circuited.

Therefore we now have a completely non-functional intellectual sphere and we have now entered the Spiral of Doom. We will continue to spiral towards increasing ignorance and apathy until the whole world is consumed by pollution, violence, scarcity, and misuse, and there is now no way to stop it except by an unexpected enlightenment of the ruling class or by the grace of God, the Goddess, or the Galactic Council or other higher powers. Unfortunately the people have lost their ability to engage in original critical thought and to heed important information when it becomes available. They have lost their motivation to save the world or save the people and they have lost their love for God or the human race.

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