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The problem with Life is Often Strife

cuz Life and Strife

is like

Liberty and Pain

They coexist in this crazy mind game

so I accept Strife

and gain my Life

and that is the way

Reality impacts

Perhaps The Only Way to know

To possess the wondrous super-ego

Which protects as much as it endangers

But in the end that's where I'll wager

With What Strength Left I've Got

And of That I know There's Not

Much Left Except What is Alloted to Others

But that is Okay because we are all Brothers

Do I feel pain ?

My eyes feel pain so much I like to close them but then I get worried when I am worried emotional pain I am afraid I'll never see the light again Will that be my fate? Go out blinded in the night? Life wells inside. Life breaks out like homicide yet no one died just a rhyme that's wide and don't fit through doors of those who do chores and never go for mores but when they do they fall to their instincts and try to steal happiness with cunning and trickery those who do not do chores as I go for more acid core take the geranium to the foreground as I bound from town to town hoping to escape the Evil Clown who persists to drown the ones with renown but I Wont Go Down


That's a lesson that needs to be taught --- loving someone is not as some Thought,

more I really should say Naught . yet no one listens except the occasional Cosmonaut if you love becuz there she wuz yet now you treat with disdain the street if you love cuz there she was and now you're convinced she is your Bus then Reconsider something Gus Wus yu Illustrious? Maybe she liked ya more than others couldn't wouldn't it be better to say that clever is in the eye of the Beholder Just as the Bolder descript Beauty

4. I play Tekno Instead of Blues Like it was me who had chosen Bach Chopin Beethoven When Before I was Born They had Nothing in Common as I flip Open a Ramen It's the Future I'm Robbin' and Resources I'm Gobblin' All the Waste Lies Forgotten In Tombs that are Blottin' out the sun from the Rotten Tomatoes and Pop Cans Unrecycled Eternal Leavin' a Stench Infernal Makin' the Faint-Hearted Gurgle as they pass in their purple while poision dye mixes with Surgical Tubes and what else while animal Pelts and Crocodile Belts sit Motionless on Shelves In Twelves Indistinguishable From Themselves To be Worn Until a Hole Appears Then back to Sears To buy New Clothes and throw the Old into Dusty Mold out in the Cold never to be Sold until Recycled by Mold who is never Quite Bold to reduce Plastic or Metal or Radioactive oh Well as I quote JUDITH (from the Apocryphya 8:12-17): 12 "Who are you that have put God to the test this day, and are setting yourself up in the place of God among the sons of men? You are putting the Lord Almighty to the test --- but you will never know anything! You cannot plumb the depths of the human heart, nor find out what a man is thinking; how do you expect to search out God, who made all these things, and find out his mind or comprehend his thought? No, my brethren, do not provoke the Lord our God to anger. For if he does not choose to help us...he has power to protect us within any time he pleases or even to destroy us in the presence of our enemies. Do not try to bind the purposes of the Lord our God; for God is not like man, to be threatened, nor like a human being, to be won over by pleading. Therefore, while we wait for his deliverance, let us call upon him to help us, and he will hear our voice, if it pleases him." Judith Apocryphya 8:12-17 5. Don't you know Oregano is mostly grown on metal toe better yo get your self together twelve times twelve one four four go for more to dissuade the pour of fatal tendrils that grasp ya till you're plaster a cast of some ghast who had been way in the past a blast of bionic subterreniel giggle goo to continue to spittle spew 6. Love is what everybody wants yet it is not necessarily the most powerful or beautiful and lucky to attain it --- someone to pay attention to you --- this gets rarer as time progresses yet it is not necessarily the best goal to have because paying attention to someone who is uninteresting makes love sour for both parties so one should try among other things to be interesting. Often being interesting only serves to amuse you because nobody notices. That is the way life is. But eventually the Cosmos reaches out a hand, be careful to grab it when the time comes!

7. Astral tracks stack and stacks filling cracks and spilling wax of candles glowing in the gloom in the room the Astral Prune doing his thing like lettuce and Italian dressing with carrots who cares its embarassing how classy I be cuz I'm free to be me you set upon me and give me grief like a thief trying to take what I planted so I plant a new seed for a whole new breed to rise out of the weed infested lot what you got just a lot of the same harsh plot to dismember the top cuz they're all about apathy who cares about thee all I care for is me as I live happily all else lives sadly is that what I see for the human family I say no way as my fist turns gray ashes and dust I must not continue to rattle the bars of my mental cage cuz it's just mental rage easily displaced by the mental sage who played dice in the mental cage and rolled doubles as the bubbles pop and dispense I rinse the spew from the few who thought they could out-paint the pseudo-Jew well it took more than two of you to get me to unglue from your zoo haw haw

The flaw in the American system is predicated on the idea that all people should be saved and treated properly (which I think is important and true, but) which is not something that everybody agrees with. The flaw in the American system is that people earning eight or nine dollars an hour, not to mention minimum wage, working forty hours a week cannot provide for themselves completely.


BASIC BASIC Cost of Living:

Electricity: $150

Home Gas: $300

Rent/Mortgage: $900

Phone: $80

Cable: $100

Internet: $40

Water: $100

Car Payment: $300

Car Gas: $80

Food: assume Welfare

Day care: $150/week=$600

Diapers: $100

Car Insurance: $100

House Insurance: $75

Credit Card Payment: $100

Cleaning Supplies: $50









The flaw in the American system can only be corrected by the government and a change in the global consciousness that effects the people who have all the money. A change in the global consciousness is only possible with the help of the media. Internet is media. Internet could be a possible way to get people to understand the flaw in the American system, and so that the minimum wage is raised. If there are not enough jobs, then the Government should step in with work programs (like in the late 1930's and 1940's) that benefit the well-being of all people in the world. Government provides money so that people can survive in an honest way and allows more people to survive and less fighting and drastically reduce crime. Only when the government helps pay for the people to survive will there be an elevation in the ladder of civilization by America and the world. Why can't the government afford it? All the money in the world and there isn't enough for everybody, and it all has to be driven by competition until the losers are beaten to pulps and the winners are sitting in iron fortresses counting their money and not caring about all the people who only have $100 a month to spend on stuff of their own, such as cable TV, internet access, and such, and that's if they are working 40+ hours at a job they may or may not like.

I am an Astral Prune because I prune the astral thoughts (sometimes for better, sometimes for worse) that come through my viewscreen. Perhaps the Astral depths only exist in my mind, but I hope that you and I will find the door that opens into the great beyond. An Astral Prune is one who listens and prunes (but does not devour voraciously) the signals that arrive from the Astral dimension, visited occasionally in sleep.  This was written by PNB. Under no circumstances do I give the Devil the right to use my soul for any purpose. Interaction is the key to reality.

1. Recycling trash including burning that which can burn without polluting the air, recycling plastic and metal most of all. People to go through the recyclables to save what can. The trash that gets buried must be pulverized as much as possible.

2. Radioactive waste cannot be sent beyond the atmosphere until rocket technology becomes flawless which may never happen. So we must learn to build real indestructible boxes that cannot be broken by Earthquakes or Tornadoes or decomposed by Nature. This presents a problem since a box can be thrown fifteen hundred feet in the air and be destroyed by Gravity if nothing else. Hence the boxes must not only be strong enough to survive a million or so tons of pressure but they must be guarded constantly by people. As nuclear waste grows thanks to wasteful and short-sighted economic planning, the need for constant guard increases.

3. The Water Must Not be Polluted! Governments are Responsible to De-Toxify the Water for Humans, Animals, and Plants.

4. The Air Must ALSO not be polluted not only because of Global Warming but also for the Health of all Living Beings! Stricter laws on car emissions and industrial plants, I know they don't like to spend the money but it is necessary for survival sake somebody has got to pay for it if not the companies why not the Government? Instead of financing war after war.

5. Stop the destruction of animals. Animals are beautiful creations and also they reflect many various ingenious survival skills. We need to let them exist in respect for God's Creation. If meat prices were made much higher so that farmers could pay to keep their animals at least comfortable with grass to graze upon and at least a years worth of maturity then restaurants would learn to make great tasting dishes that were vegitarian and everyone would live happier as a whole including animals and plants the entire planet.

6. The toleration of all people so as not to create excess hatred and negativity that causes violence. Violence has a place and must be used occasionally but it should not be done from hate. Hate is a build-up of negativity that can be transcended. However it requires at least a "spoonful" of love. Love can be as miniscule as the mutter of a half asleep stranger. Expand upon the love and realize all beings are capable of love so should be saved except that they have the power to destroy - well then they are to be detained in prison until they can prove to their captors that they are worthy of release. Their captors must also be continually monitored and admonished to practice the law with Compassion otherwise they should be shut down and new loafers put in their place.

7. Global Warming is real. Island dwellers are losing their lands to rising water due to melting polar ice caps and widespread environmental consequences. We need to make stricter laws on car emissions, pollution, etc.


1. Torture of Food Animals

2. Torture of Lab Animals

3. Torture of Prisoners

4. Slavery of Humanity

5. Death of Species

6. Death of Habitats

7. Conformity of Thought

8. Death of Spiritual Elements

9. Deceit


1. Beauty of Physical Bodies

2. Beauty of Music

3. Beauty of Works of Art

4. Abundance of Dialogue

5. Technical Works of Aesthetic Beauty

6. Beauty of Sensation

7. Beauty of Love

8. God's Work among Humans


I try to learn the truth I don't like people who goof with truth cuz deception is bad news you don't need juice to know the truth just flow like chillie aglow above and below to the tune of birds and crickets and cats and all creatures of the world today cuz I say hey whassup today don't be offended, okay? that's not what's intended if I may just speak what I want, true it's not all true, but I try! to tell the truth like Sonic Tooth I see that life always changes and rearranges the matter and scatters the chatter that erupts from the smattering of fatter strata while I swerve past mannekins driving down aisles past stylish bins what the heck I say Hey! just try to be real that's all there is to say what the hey I say hey to the people dressed in gray "hey hey hey" dressed in gray lost in a machine with vacuum tubes and looney tunes drifting through inside have you ever tried to be more than half alive don't fall in a pit cuz it's not the end gotta get past this bend you think you're past crazy john and uncle ben in the pen well listen to the sound that errupts from the Pagoda it's Yoda aloha! You catch the drift now sift through the coffee grounds of your mind and hope to unwind the spiral diamond mine inside your own mind and don't devour God's Creations, his Bejewelled Sparkling Colorful Dazzling Light Shows, The Jewels that Disseminate the Light into Millions of Tiny Dazzling Fragments and you'll be alright outta sight with dynamite like this now listen I'm talking about the fruition of the harmony you've been seeking according to what I've been reading the way is to go forward so go one more word click here for more words.

Harmonization... you're the picture of frustration until you've had more new information... I'm crazy like a daisy what I say stays free unless it burns up in fires and smoke justa joke as I continue to choke as the place fills with rage what did I do to lose the main glue musta been tricked into thinking I was licked and stuck my soul into a container labeled by a mysterious stranger Unaware of the Danger but who is the stranger no other than the dark one who would park one evil knife into the recesses of the soul drinking a bowl of iced mocha as he chokes ya til you woke up toe up on the pavement trying to make an engravement in the side of the pavement to tell the world the pain you feel as you steal another glimpse at the eternal truth how's that for being aloof you goof you think you are not a part of the truth one and the same you are the only player in your game as the higher spirits ransom your destiny in their higher games why I don't know cuz the glow that comes from life continues to validate the strife as the knife digs deeper in the soul and the Devil drinks his bowl of iced mocha have I woke ya you're the picture of frustration as I man the station its the Mad Astral Prune taking no vacation from imagination to his own degradation and occasional elation it's a crazy constellation of information well tuck in your chin I'm on the top of the station with the patient in elation as I press West to the tollgate will Death be my soulmate no I say no way let the sky not be gray let us hope for a better day I am crazy like a daisy what I say stays free while I soak in fumes from the bloke who resumes to blow smoke through the room as the place fills with rage as I aim in the same way not for pay I say no way as I pass a token of broken dreams to Vulcans who don't seem to hear it I fear it is harder to realize the people who criticize this they who are the real number one players I salute the vehicle empirical the body we live in by what is meant we don't know who sent the vehicle like an icicle I drip another blip of disposable garbage for the TV viewer in the viewing room designed by the tone deaf to the truth as I continue to wait aloof for a sign from God that I'm on his TV set I regret I can't get up yet at the casino of minds I'm deeply in debt well heck let's get outta debt and walk to the deck and take another speck of focus like hocus pocus and get into the lotus behavior like an engraver I engrave another brick on top of the structure to stop the yearning for the departure from the amateur as the Pseudo-Jew begins to spawn new dialects for those to yawn at the exaggerated concept that kept pounding a thread of the ethereal that floats most surreal through the cosmos like sea otters from Patmos on the river Lethe take another breath as I immerse the subject in no worse then subjectivity to positivity or negativity depending on what I ate yesterday no way what ever (is clever sez my cuz) cuz whassup with that I'm on top of the phat like a gnat that spat at the pomegranate and ran it into the sanitarium like a man who thought he knew the Master Plan like he opened a can and inside the can was the Master Plan like that will ever happen as the sand washes away into the land and the clan walks away into the distant faraway place just another face blowin wind outta his face for the grace of God to be witnessed by some a few who read and listen as I do to my own words as they goad me onward to the turn of the page to the next spirit sage to recite his tale into my mind like a vision unfolding as it spreads through the mind the spiral diamond mine that we all have inside is it not wonderful thank you God and all the lesser spirits for your attention to detail and the sails are full of wind as I sail on into the next place.


And now for the Astral Prune political soap box

The Most Important Issue Facing Humanity

This is a message about

Global Warming

Everywhere Capitalists

are swarming

trying to take

with money that's fake

away the future of a planet

nothing left but Granite

no one left to say Dammit

The damage caused

by Car Exhaust

cannot be fathomed

it stole the life

from a planet rife

with everything nice

and left a hole

what was your goal

to enjoy the last days

while every poor person prays

The Government is the only one

that can make a solution

to save us from the end

caused by car pollution

Radical Change is the only

possible means of escape

from ending all life

our planet is raped

we've got to escalate

before it's too late

Outlaw cars would not be too far

Mass Transportation for all

No vacation from economic salvation

we cannot drive

and stay alive

we've got to slow down and walk

stop listening to TV talk

the Government must step in

that's the only way to win

for any single person

stop being immersed in

our fantasy worlds

keeping us shut in like pearls

we cannot settle

for more cars of metal

that destroy our Earth

extinction of worth

there will be nothing

after the Rich finish stuffing

themselves with their selfishness

as we turn into Nothingness

Above all, try not to be arrogant. Arrogance is the true road to destruction. Also, try to have

compassion. Compassion is the mark of civilization.

I wish fast food restaurants would invent a way to serve food without any packaging. They would probably make a ton of money.

Restaurants should also perfect the vegan style. Again a lot of money in it for them. People are realizing that their food choices are important. Making food with animal products is more costly and the animals are suffering. Who will speak out for the animals? Are there animal lawyers? People should be ashamed of themselves the way they treat God's creatures.

You should try to consume and throw away less and less and respect all living creatures if you want your children's children to keep the Earth.

We need to protect our land and our people now.

Fracking is evil. Nuclear power is evil. Coal mining is now also evil.

Because renewable energy can supply 100% of our energy needs.

The days are numbered for the survival of the world unless we make drastic changes.

More writings - an environmental website.

Dream from December 11th, 2014: Recreational drugs were outlawed one week from Dec 8, 2014. Luxuries have died. Previously, God permitted luxuries for the upper class when formally they could prove their superiority. However Dec 11, 2014 I challenged whether the upper class was truly superior. It turned out they had been lying and there was a cover up of heavy cocaine addiction. They had left many unclean things and things that they had not cleaned up and covered up instead. So luxuries have died and recreational drugs were outlawed by heaven one week from Dec 8 because God was mad at the rich people for not doing their job. I also saw Jesus on Dec 11, 2014 in this dream. I think he was wearing blond dreadlocks. He passed by without saying a word followed by many people following him in a line.

Heard in Dream 1/9/17: 1. Everything that the Devil does is Exceeded by God. The Devil was clever one day with some inventions. (Such inventions might have been tekno music and drugs.) Instead of being angry, God congratulated the Devil and God quickly and quietly exceeded the Devil (with his own versions). 2. There is too much disc jockeying and not enough contemplation.

2019: NBC news finally admits climate change is real in full hour program of Meet the Press. What every human being in the United States and other countries must do is still, and even more urgently: (1) becoming vegetarian and vegan if possible, (2) buying electric vehicles and appliances, if possible, (3) choosing renewable electricity supply, (4) reduce, reuse, recycle, (5) public transportation, bicycles, walking (5) putting pressure on elected officials, (6) mindful of life-style choices and activities and conversations (7) attending protests and even non-violent direct action to put emphasis that the actions of the politicians is unacceptable and must be fought and we still have no assurance from the fossil fuel industry and big agriculture industry will sit down and comply.