By 1969 The Beatles had pretty much called it quits. Ringo had already quit the band, as did George , and then finally John. John was going to be the first one to announce it, but under direction of his manager at the time ( Alan Klien) he was advised not to. So he said he would play the game but not for long. According to interviews with John, they just couldn't play the game anymore. They had all grown apart with their wives and were just having more fun "NOT" being Beatles. He even said in his own words that he wasn't even a Beatle fan himself. As for John, this would turn out to be the big "Divorce" that he was looking for.

In May of 1970, Paul McCartney announced to press that he was quitting The Beatles due to "Business differences, Personal Differences, and He just likes being with his family more now". When this happened, Lennon found this quite humorous. As he stated in once of his interviews. The other three had already quit, but It was Paul who ran to the press. Some would say that John was probably the most bitter about The Beatles than the rest of the group. As stated in the little quote, he was trying to explain that he really didn't care what others thought and he was sort of "Mocking" everyone. Play Clip Here

John Lennon could be either a very sincere man, or he could have the devil in him. These are not my words but they have been taken from interviews of some of John's closest friends. After The Beatles had disbanded, and everyone was off doing their own thing, John took to the media with Yoko for their hunt for peace. Which raised a lot of eyebrows within the united stated government. But That is for a different section. The is so much more that I could have written about concerning John and The Beatles but I am trying to keep this site more of "The Solo Years"

The Ballad Of John And Yoko

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