John LennonJohn Lennon



Wav Files that I have on John Lennon:

  1. One- Typical Lennon humor
  2. Two-John explaining why George was not at the Bed-In for peace                                                           
  3. Three-trying to explain what he is willing to do for peace
  4. Four-Talking about the pressure from the press asking him if he takes drugs
  5. Five - How he got the Beatles Name
  6. SixTalking about the film "Help!"
  7. Seven-Ever wonder what John says at the end of "Rain"?
  8. Eight-Yes, The famous Ed Sullivan
  9. Nine-Borrowed Time from"Milk and Honey"
  10. Ten-Yet , another Lennon witted humor
  11. Eleven-Grow Old with Me from "Milk and Honey"
  12. Twelve-John Lennons thought on women
  13. Thirteen-On Beatle music
  14. Fourteen-complaining about the complainers
  15. Fifteen-Talking about his mother and music
  16. Sixteen-Talking about peace
  17. John Lennon
  18. Seventeen-Imagine
  19. Eighteen-Paul on John's death
  20. Nineteen-Someone broke a string!



There will be alot more coming soon. I will be adding Real Video as well. So keep coming back to check out the progress!

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