Towards the ending of The Beatles and the first couple of years into his solo career, John's drug of choice was heroin. Although, some would say that John's drug of choice was anything he could get his hands on. This is fact no unknown to all of his readers. It has been published in multiple books about his life.

Although he claimed that he never shot the drug through his arm and that he just snorted it, I believe that new information has come out which declares otherwise. I can not be quoted on this as to I am not 100% sure. But I am pretty certain that this is true. And when I find the article that I read I will include it in this website.

John and Yoko were both hooked on the drug and eventually had to seek professional help for it. This was the case on more than one occasion. John had taking this so often that in his later years in life his body was in complete shambles. At the end of his life he was making appointments with his dentist due to the fact that his teeth were is such bad condition, he was getting Root canals at the rate of two to three teeth per visit. It was heroin that did it.

One of the things that proved that Lennon was and addict was that when he was trying to come off of his Heroin addiction he was using the pill methadone. Do which Lennon later revealed in an interview that "It was not kicking the heroin that was the tough part, but it was getting over the methadone that made it tough. That was the hardest part to overcome."

John also had his bought with other drugs. LSD was a big one. John was even quoted as saying he had taken thousands of trips during his career. It was also at that time that Beatle fans started trying to associate his songs with drugs. Lucy in the sky with diamonds was one of those. He tried it fight this story his whole life and was constantly being asked about it. But, in his own words from The David Frost Show He tells the story of how the song came about.

John: "My son came home with a drawing and said-showed me this strange looking woman flying around. I said "What is it?" He said, "It's Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds." And I thought, "That's beautiful." I immediately wrote a song about it. The song had gone out, the whole album had been published and somebody noticed that the letters spelled out LSD. And I had no idea about it. And of course, after that I was checking all the songs to see what the letters spelt out. They didn't spell out anything. And, uh, it wasn't about that at all."

John and Yoko were arrested for the use of marijuana and arraigned in Magistrate's Court in London. This would later play a major part in the Nixon vs. Lennon game. The FBI and President Nixon were trying to have Lennon deported back to England and they were using this as a way to do it. That's later in the site though.

Some say that even when he was trying to give his interviews about not using drugs, he was still fairly evolved with them. There was a clip from his interview that he gave on drugs from Yoko's version of Imagine that was released I believe in 1990 with John speaking about drugs:

John: Well, it's no good, us preaching at people and saying don't take them. Because that doesn't work. It's like the church telling you not to drink or not to have sex when you're a kid. There's nothing on Earth going to do it. Bit if people take any notice in what we say-we say, we've been through the drug scene, man, and, uh, there's nothing like being straight. But you need hope. And hope is something that you have to build up within yourself."

But yet in another interview that John gave he spoke the truth...When everyone was criticizing him about his drug use and he effect on the children of the society he plainly told people "If you don't want to hear it and you are worried about what effect I have on the kids....stop asking me about it then!" And you can hear him saying this in his own words here

John was a man of words and many people would listen. Maybe these interviews did have an impact of people.

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