Mah Grrrrl

Rachel n I bonded at camp. We saw Orgy together twice and met Amir, Ty, and Rohan. I've spent numerous nites with her in NY and that week or so in PA. *Crazy shit* Inside jokes: the orange dot on the ceiling, Mike of the Jungle, lelelelelel, walking around camp w/ our walkmans on and gettting yelled at by Rocky, Tony (yummm), "AMIR YOU STINK!", meeting Orgy, me telling Ty that you had to pee, their "equipment truck" that was really just a RYDER van, the Jay Gordon-look-alike I never got to meet, Garden Botanika, sour straws, picture stickers in Limited Too, Snake on my cell phone, calling Eddy at 4am cuz you wanted McDonalds and he lives alone, I Like It Loud, Duckman n Ranger Woody, when I knocked over the box of beads and put em back by colors n then knocked it over again, pen caps, "Jackie wants my boooty", "HA Look.. now he's gonna put the moves on her!", side kicks, partners in crime, members of the mod squad, members of the Smoooooth Family and Orgy sistas. Love you lots babe! mWaaaaaa!

PS: We're soo going to a party together!