What was it when I looked at you,
That took me away?
Was it your enigmatic stare?
Or was it that cabalistic smile?
Whatever it was . . .it was enough,
To mesmerize me,
Into wanting you lustfully yet...lovingly...
What is it about you?
That makes me want to be too near?
What is encrypted in those light eyes,
That draws me so close?
What is beneath your pale skin?
Perhaps, something quite intangible...
What is it that makes you so intriguing?
Something not everyone can see?
What is hidden in your soft touch?
Is it a feeling for something lost,
Or for something missing?
What is it in your mystical kiss,
That coerces me to fall into you?
What is it that is so...unreal about you?
There is this magical eccentricity to you...
What is it when I looked at you
That took me away?