April 1, 99//Irving Plaza//NYC: Orgy & Love and Rockets
July 13, 99//Hammerstein Ballroom//NYC: Toilet Boys, Videodrone, & Orgy
October 1, 99//The Bushnell//CT: Ani DiFranco
December 20, 99//Hammerstein Ballroom//NYC: Dope, Static-X, & Sevendust
February 18, 00//Roseland Ballroom//NYC: Chevelle, Dope, Static-X, & Powerman 5000
May 9, 00//Madison Square Garden//NYC: A Perfect Circle & Nine Inch Nails
July 24, 00//PNC Bank Arts Center//NJ: Ozzfest: Methods of Mayhem, Incubus, Static-X, Soulfly, Godsmack, Pantera, n Ozzy
August 19, 00//Roseland Ballroom//NYC: Sunna & A Perfect Circle
November 3, 00//Hammerstein Ballroom//NYC: Sara Lee & Ani DiFranco
September 2, 01//Amazura Ballroom//Queens: Electric Circus 3: Frankie Bones, Skylab 2000, Johnny Fame, X-Dream, Pleasurehead, Mike Myers, Odi, Kazpa, Reid Speed, Circuit Breaker...
December 15, 01//Amazura Ballroom//Queens:A Christmas Treat: Derrick May, SpaceGirl, Rob Gee vs. Lenny Dee (AMAZING), Pleasurehead and Mike Mike Myers, Circuit Breaker, Venom (ALSO AMAZING), Odi, Kazpa...
January 19, 02//Hammerstein Ballroom//NYC: I Have a Dream 4: Rob Gee (took his pants off..), DJ Irene (front row, got whistles from her.. AMAZING), DJ X-Dream, Pleasurehead, Frankie Bones, ReidSpeed, DJ FeelGood... *Check Mixer Magazine for a pic of me n my crew.. the photographer took a few of us =D*

April 20, 02//Randall's Island//NYC: Boo 6: Richie Hawtin, Derrick May, DJ Dan, Bad Boy Bill, Christopher Lawrence, Micro, SpaceGirl, X-Dream, Pleasurehead, Derrick Carter, FeelGood, DJ Funk, Johnny Fame, Odi, Kazpa, Reid Speed, KRS-one, Slick Rick...

May 10, 02//Amazura Ballroom//Queens: One Love: Skylab2000, Rob Gee, Delta9 Vs. DJ Delirium, Robert Armani, Venom, Lenny Dee, Knowledge, Odi, Kazpa, Mumblz, Craig Harris, Joey Flowz, Capital One, etc.