Page update
2 January 2001

So I've slacked off a little. Ha. Jackie has mono so she got bored and redid the page. Enjoy.

Page update
25 July 2001

Pics pages redone (regular n prom). Links page redone too.

Page update
23 July 2001

New layout! Its cute for now. I just realized I have the past layout of umm.. me still on the server. So I'll prolly be putting that one back up in a few weeks. I will be adding a few links tomorrow and a few pics whenever I get them developed.

Incubus single, Staind single, and new Orgy material
10 July 2001

Incubus will release "I Wish You Were Here" as the first single from their highly-anticipated new album "Morning View". The track will official hit radio on August 21st and the album is expected to hit stores on October 23rd.

Staind will hit radio with their new single "Fade" on August 28th. A video for the single is set to be shot in the next week. Tour dates for Family Values 2001, which is expected to also feature Stone Temple Pilots, Linkin Park, theSTART, Lost Prophets and more, are set to be announced shortly.

Orgy are currenty writing new material for their forthcoming third Reprise/Warner Bros album. The band is expected to hit the studio in September with a soon to be determined producer. An early Spring 2002 release is expected.

shore shore shore
19 June 2001

Oki doki, well just a reminder that I'm leaving for the shore w/ the girls at 12:30. (Yes, I did ditch my senior portrait. I'll take it in September.) I'll have my cellie and there IS a computer down there but I'm not planning on going online as much as I do at home. Prolly once a nite, when I get in. So you can email me or call the cellie (201 220 0987... only if you know me) if you want to get in touch with me. And please do. It makes me feel loved. And Caity's coming down with Kerri thursday morning so we're gonna meet up and do ...stuff. =D

Oh yea, I got my license yesterday. Picked up Caity in my mom's car, went to the mall. The stang doesn't have license plates yet but by the time I get back friday morning, they will be on and ready to go. And then I will DEFINITELY be rockin the stang everyday.

My birthday n Page updates
17 June 2001

Its my biiiirthday!!! I GOT THE STANG!!! (2001 mineral gray Mustang with charcoal interior)

Ramble page updated. Three pics from today (two of the stang check em) and two pics from Eddy's prom added to the pics page. Go look at em. We're so hot.

Static-X Bassist With a Broken Collarbone
14 June 2001

Static-X bassist Tony Campos recently broke his collarbone and will be forced to sit out the next four weeks. Static-X is currently lining up a replacement bassist for the Pantera/Slayer tour that kicks off on June 17th. Campos will still be signing backup vocals on the tour.

Orgy rumors and Page updates
10 June 2001

Supposedly the track "Eva" is up for a few movie soundtracks. The boys are reportedly working (very slowly) on the third album. Jay has just finished working on a new CrazyTown remix. It should be on the radio soon.

I added a few recital pics the other day. Ramble page updated.

Page updates
31 May 2001

I've been overwhelmed with school work n shit for the past few weeks, so I promise to start updating this page more often. I got my recital pics back tonite, so I will post some of them this weekend. For now, I have added a pic of the fabulous Caity with yours truly on the pics page.

Page updates
28 May 2001

So I haven't done much the past week.. oops. Two new pics have been added over the past few days. When I get my two rolls of film back from the recital, I'll post a ton of those. *Definitely the one of me n Caity!*

Trent Reznor And Flood To Produce Robert Smith
14 May 2001

Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails and Flood are set to produce the debut album from ex-Cure singer Robert Smith. More details are expected shortly as to when the recording will begin. Trent Reznor is currently at work on a Nine Inch Nails live DVD, a new Nine Inch Nails record and more. A video for the new NIN single for "Deep", from the Tomb Raider Soundtrack, is said to be dropping shortly.

Deftones And Godsmack Announce Initial U.S. Summer Tour Dates
10 May 2001

Deftones/Godsmack have announced the initial dates for their summer U.S. tour. The itinerary is set to include 40+ dates at outdoor amphitheatres. Many more dates are expected to be confirmed soon. Here are the dates thus far:
July 12th - TBA
July 13th - The Gorge Amphitheatre, George, WA
July 14th-30th - TBA
July 31st - New Orleans Arena, New Orleans, LA
August 1st-12th - TBA
August 13th - Target Center, Minneapolis, MN
August 15th - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, Indianapolis, IN
August 17th - Riverbend Music Amphitheatre, Cincinnati, OH
August 18th - Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI
August 20th - Pine Knob, Detroit, MI
August 23rd - Meadows Music Theatre, Hartford, CT
August 24th - Tweeter Center, Boston, MA
August 29th - PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ
August 31st - Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY
September 1st - Jones Beach Amphitheatre, Wantagh, NY
September 2nd-8th - TBA

Page updates
8 May 2001

Ramble updated.

Page updates
4 May 2001

New pic added. It's blurry but oh well.

I'm so kewl...
3 May 2001

House of Blues ( emailed me about my Orgy site:
Hi Jay and Paige,
You've got an awesome Orgy site. You have so many cool links and tons of Orgy info. I think it's better than the official site. Don't tell them I said that though. I help promote webcasts for House of and thought you might be interested in the Orgy show...

They went on to talk about the webcast and HOB and sending me stuff. I'm kewl...

Orgy cybercast
2 May 2001

Orgy will participate in a 24-hour video webcast from the House of Blues Chicago. It begins Thursday, May 10 at 3pm (eastern)/12pm (pacific). Go here to view it.

Orgy has scheduled 3 tour dates, in response to Amir's feeling somewhat healthy again (he has mono). Go here to see them.

Page update
29 April 2001

The page got a facelift yesterday. I get bored with my webpages very quickly, but I'm hoping to keep this layout up for at least a month or two. Almost all of the pages got slimmed down a little. Some poems and songs removed, Net-freak page changed around a lil. Ramble updated.

Fall Tour Preview: Family Values, Slipknot, Korn and Page updates
27 April 2001

The Fall tour season is starting to take shape. Staind and Stone Temple Pilots are set for this year's Family Values 01. The tour is set to kick off in September. More acts are expected to sign on shortly. Slipknot and System Of A Down will be co-headlining a new festival beginning in October. Support acts rumored for the bill include Mudvayne, Hatebreed, American Head Charge, Taproot, 40 Below Summer, No One and Sw1tched. Other tours said to be in the works include Tattoo The Earth and headlining tours by both Korn and Tool.

New pic added. New quote added. Oh and I want this shirt. It's from Replicant, Ryan Shuck's line of clothing.

Page update
22 April 2001

New poem added. Pics page slimmed down a lot. Ramble page created. It replaced the Journal page. Journal was too..formal. And I really don't give a damn if the people I write about figure out its about them. Because its me.. and I like to express myself instead of walking around with everything bottled up inside, supressing my feelings. So blah.

Page update
21 April 2001

New song added.

Page update
18 April 2001

Idols page updated. The page got a facelift. =D

Papa Roach Cancel Raid The Nation and Page updates
16 April 2001

Papa Roach have cancelled the second leg of the Raid The Nation tour with Fear Factory and Alien Ant Farm. Apparently drummer David Buckner sustained an injury, but most reasons point to low ticket sales for the shows. Fear Factory will play shows in smaller venues with dates/routing expected shortly.

New poem added.

Tool Set To Complete "Schism" Video
12 April 2001

Tool plan to complete the shooting of the "Schism" video today, April 13th, in Los Angeles, CA. The video is expected to debut sometime before "Lateralus" hits stores on May 15th. The band will present an audio preview of the track beginning May 1st on Tool have confirmed that they will play Edgefest in Toronto, Canada on July 1st. Many more Summer dates for Tool are expected in the next few weeks.

Orgy Chat
10 April 2001

I was in a chat with Orgy tonite. Go here to see what it was about.

Tool Plan Dates and Page updates
03 April 2001

Tool will perform 4 U.S. shows in mid-May. The band has confirmed that the shows will take place in New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Detroit. Dates and venues for the shows will be announced this week. Tool will release their new album "Lateralus" on May 15th.

New song added. Net-freak page updated a lil. New journal.

Page updates
29 March 2001

New song added.

Page updates
24 March 2001

Changed the journal page. The past is over. From now on, its only one entry that will be up until it's replaced by another.

Page updates
21 March 2001

New color scheme/layout. Look for slight changes and updates throughout the entire page over the next few days.

Orgy cancels tour and Page updates
20 March 2001

I've known this for about a week but I forgot to post it. Amir has mono so Orgy has cancelled both their headlining and Papa Roach tours. Feel better Amir.

New song added.

Tool Pushes Back Release Date
04 March 2001

Tool have pushed back the release of "Lateralus" to May 15th. The album's release was originally due to coincide with front man Maynard Keenan's birthday on April 17th, but will now be released later to coincide with their upcoming tour.

New song added.

Static-X Set Tour With Godhead, DVD And Album Release and Page Updates
01 March 2001

Static-X will hit the road with Godhead beginning April 20th. The trek will run through May 20th and then the band will head to Europe for several dates. Static-X will then tour with Pantera and Slayer across North America beginning in June. The second Static-X album "Machine" will be released on May 22nd. A DVD entitled "What Day Is It ... This Is Static-X" will see release on March 27th.

New poem added. Happy Birthday to Cath..Luv ya

Orgy on MTV Cribs
20 February 2001

Orgy will be on MTV Cribs this thursday. It airs at 10pm (ET) / 9pm (CT).

Marilyn Manson Performs With Eminem
31 January 2001

Marilyn Manson joined Eminem live on stage Tuesday night in Hamburg, Germany. Manson performed part of "The Way I Am" during Eminem's set. The clip can be seen on here. Eminem is currently rumored to be remixing Marilyn Manson's latest single "The Fight Song".

Tool Alter New Album Title To "Lateralus" and Page Updates
29 January 2001

The always evolving title of Tool's forthcoming LP now has the title of "Lateralus", according to the band's official web site "Lateralus", or whatever it ends up being called, will see release on April 17th, 2001. The band recently finished mixing the album and are putting together plans for the first single/video.

New poem added.

Page updates
28 January 2001

New song added.

Page updates
22 January 2001

Well the page was redone. Obviously. I hope everyone likes it. I went through the songs and pictures pages and deleted a lot. For some reason, Angelfire gave me a lot more space. What I'm gonna do with it is still undecided.

Crazy Town Enter "Revolving Door", (hed)pe Tour, and Page updates
19 January 2001

Crazy Town have set "Revolvting Door" as the 4th single from their Columbia debut "The Gift Of Game". The band's current single "Butterfly" is receiving major airplay on several radio formats and MTV. Crazy Town, after being kicked off the Ozzfest 2000 tour last Summer, are expected to return to the road with (hed)pe in the Spring. Confirmation and possible dates are expected shortly.

I deleted the Playlist page a few days ago because I got sick of constantly having to update it. I have a shitload of mp3's on my computer..thats all you need to know. Jackie's sick and cranky and missing someone a whole lot, so pardon me if I snap.

Orgy Prep "Opticon" Video
15 January 2001

Orgy are preparing the video for "Opticon" with director Nathan Cox. The video is expected to premiere in mid February. Orgy are currently plotting their upcoming tour in February with Cold and Spineshank. Dates are expected shortly.

Competition news and Page updates
14 January 2001

Ooooki doki. So we had our first competition last nite at the Sheradon across from the Meadowlands. We did the gun number ("If it were up to me"), "Sidewinders", and "Future Generations." The gun number got a High Gold, Sidewinders got a Platinum, and Future Generations got a Gold. We also got $160 for the studio because we got 1st Place Overall for Sidewinders. A few of us have to go back tonite for the tap number ("Samba") but I dunno how that will do. We all feel kinda unprepared for it. We'll see.

New pic added and I added a lil note at the bottom of Rachel's page. ;)

APC Tour news, Linkin Park and Taproot tour dates, and Page updates
12 January 2001

A Perfect Circle have officially confirmed Snake River Conspiracy as the opening for their North American tour kicking off in late January.

Linkin Park and Taproot have confirmed the dates for their forthcoming tour. Linkin Park is rumored to have selected the track "Crawling" as the next single. A final decision is expected next week. Here are the dates:
January 26th Seattle, WA - Showbox
January 27th Portland, OR - Roseland Theater
January 29th Sacramento, CA - Crest Theatre
January 30th San Francisco, CA - The Fillmore
February 1st San Diego, CA - Cane's
February 2nd Las Vegas, NV - House Of Blues
February 3rd San Bernardino, CA - Dragon Festival
February 5th Salt Lake City, UT - SaltAir Pavilion
February 6th Englewood, CO - Gothic Theatre
February 9th Lawrence, KS - Liberty Hall
February 10th Sauget, IL - Pop's
February 11th Chicago, IL - House Of Blues
February 13th Pontiac, MI - Clutch Cargo