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Koinonia is a music group that were around in the early 80's -- their first public appearance was in LA's "Baked Potato" in 1980. The name comes from Greek, and means "to fellowship" or "to communicate by the act of using as common". They are all Christian (studio) musicians that have been (and still are) playing with a lot of other top names, and they decided to name their own "fellowship" group like that because of their common roots.

They made 3 recordings - More Than a Feelin' (1983), Celebration (live in 1984) and Frontline (later, also includes some vocals). They performed live here in Denmark, and they are really good! They have not made any subsequent recordings as a group.

The "original" band consisted of Abraham Laboriel on bass, Bill Maxwell on drums, Harlan Rogers on keys, Hadley Hockensmith and Dean Parks on guitar, John Phillips on woodwinds and Alex Acuna on percussion. At some stage Dean Parks left, and they replaced John Phillips with Justo Almario.

You can search for more info on each of the individual members. In particular, Abraham (Abe) Laboriel, Alex Acuna and Justo Almario have been doing a lot with other bands -- and hence appear on quite a number of other records. Abe and Justo has done a CD together, and they have some of the others on it as well.