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TVANGESTE was founded in August 1996, when Miron has advertized for a group creation. After a long search, in May 1998 the structure was finally generated. From that time, TVANGESTE consisted of:
Miron - guitar, vocals
Nicholas (ex-OBSESSION) - guitar. One of the most serious problems in the TVANGESTE development was the the real problem to find in Kaliningrad a guitar player capable to combinie the storm speed and melodic minds. With the Nicholas' arrival rhythmic part of TVANGESTE music has changed fantastically.
Victoria - keyboards. In the autumn of 1998 in TVANGESTE comes keyboarder Victoria, playing in DIS PATER (doom) and ROMOWE RIKOITO (gothic). She is very professional musician with extraordinary feeling heavy, gloomy music. She has brought a lot of new in TVANGESTE music.
Vanoe - bass. On the long remaining free bassist place, has came young, energetic and talented guitar player Vanoe (ex-DIVERSION (death)...

In the beginning of 1998 at two studios (DG Sound and Brudenia Rec.) were written down debut single "Blood Dreams" and demo "Thinking...". The first expirience in recording has received good responses and reviews in the Russia and CIS countries. After that times we have decided, that the often concerts for TVANGESTE are not necessary. We have begun our promotion. In the spring of 1998, our manager has met the director of "Apostrophe" (the official Century Media representative in Russia). He has made the offer to us - producing and release the first our CD with abroad distribution. We have received the invitation to take part in the begin of a September CRADLE OF FILTH concert in Moscow. But August crisis in Russia has brought damn corrective. In producing was temporarily refused on uncertain was a really black line in Tvangeste history but from that times our development grows without any crisises and problems.

In January of 2000 we have finished our half year work under our debut album "Damnation of Regiomontum". This full size 50 min album contains 5 tracks. Classical instruments, nice female voice and argressive speed guitars. It's hard to describe music by words. The style of the Tvangeste music is something about melodic fast sympho black metal. This album was sold more than 5000 copies in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Many Russian magazines, radios and labels have recognized Tvangeste as the best black metal band of 2000 year. We have many letters from all over the world with good words about our music. Tvangeste has an official website ( where everybody can download the full version of our album in good quality mp3 files, find our info, history, lyrics and ideology.

Now we are going to record a new material. It will be 60 min. Metal symphony. Yes symphony, because we have an agreements with Kaliningrad Symphonic Orcertsa and Church Choir to help us with our recording. We have achieved a good results in Russia and we think we can more...We can represent Russian metal abroad and now searching for a good label to sign in. If You have found something interesting from our minds contact us please:
or (our manager)
fax (+7 0112 434333 for Michael)