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  Angel's Retreat
     During lost times I've been 
    Reject myself.
    During lost times the slimly holders 
    Suck me.
    I've been looking for the mysteries
    Hiding here,
    Searching for the source of ancient lies.

    There were dreams beyond reality,
    Take to the mists of beaming skies,
    There where evanescent means eternity,
    You will be at loss before your fight.
    You're should be dawn...

    Weak, in fear, you think you are the lord?
    Breathless, in sacrilegious as rat
    You had to grope.
    Shy, in tears, you're going to the trap,
    Giving by your faithless.
    'n' now you're retreat.

    Come, down here,
    What are my mistakes, Angel?
    Mind is blind,
    What is the price for truth, Angel?

   Why must you listen the blames
   Against the sacred Nature?
   Why must you believe in the lie
   That makes you to scare to...