Welcome to the V.I.P Section. Here you can find any you want to on the girls of TLC. The Way they walk, talk, think, who they are the property of. We will be adding the newest member profile to the V.I.P Section Soon. Her name is Virtual Vic-E. She is the Ghetto-ist Robot of the Century. T-Boz says:"Hey , Im Gonna have to kick her to the curb. To chat with the virtual girls of TLC come back soon. But come back on April the 26 to chat with T-Boz from TLC, to celebrate her birthday.

This V.I.P room is only for the Fans Only , so after you get the 411 on the mebers go in the chat. Have Fun here and lets cyber in the Craziest, Sexiest ,Coolest way that you can.

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Ohh And one more thing before you get your cyber on "TLC Fans". Dear Lie is TLC's next single Over Seas. There next single in the US will be Shout.To get the lyrics for one of those songs go to the Lyrics Section which has lyrics for the 5x Platinum Album:"FanMail"


Walks Like:A Cat

Comunication: The Loud One

Property Of: Mack 10

Name:Left Eye

Walks Like: A Boy

Comunication: The Quiet One

Property Of:!Error: Could Not Load!


Walks Like:An angel

Comunication:The normal one

Property Of: Dallas Austin