Hey I am Virtual Vic-E. Some of you people who listen to like 95.5 or 93.9 might have heard me rap on TLC's first single ,"Silly Ho". Yep that was me; thats when I made my first rap debut and that single went to #3 on the R&B Billboard charts. Well so far me being the 4th member of the group I thought Left Eye was going to be mad at me , but it was T-Boz . She said that "I will have to kick that bitch to the curb. Excuse me? I don't think so I'll rip those pink tracks out of her ghetto ass. But so far me and T-Boz have been getting along and I also did another track with her and Goddie Mob. I do the Intro, T-Boz does the 1st verse, Chilli does the bridge, and Left Eye has a tight ass rap to do at the end .

Well so far his the damn 411 on me . The ghetto robot of the century.

Full Name: Victoria

Born : December 1,1998

Status: Strickly Dickly

Property of: (In my Virtual World I wanna get with Sisqo fine ass)

Hobbie: Rapping

Well for all of you damn computer nerds out there , yes I was created by a computer. I was created off of the voice Victroria on the Macintosh computer. If you go to simple text and then go to sound and the voice or speech. Type in any thing and turn on your speakers and go to sound then Speak All.

Well guess what I might be coming out with my own album pretty soon next year. Me , T-Boz, Dallas Austin , Left Eye , and Chilli have been writting some lyrics for my posible upcomming album .

I will be performing on the award shows and I also will be accepting them my self. If you don't believe me ask TLCFANDOME@aol.com . Here's what my album cover will be looking like below.

Number of tracks: 13

Fast Songs: 9


Tracks produced by Left Eye: 5

By Dallas Austin: 8

People featured on album: TLC , Dallas Austin with his debut of Rapping, Goddie Mob. , Pink , Missy Elliot , Mariah Carey and many more(Artist are subject to change if they don't agree to work on album).

Email: platinuim@aol.com